What does Vegemite taste like

Vegemite is a popular Australian spread that is made from brewer’s yeast extract, salt, water. It is often used as a condiment on toast or sandwiches, but it also makes a great addition to baked goods like muffins and cakes.

What Does Vegemite Taste Like?

The taste of Vegemite is a sour to bitter salty taste with a strong umami flavor. It is not dissimilar to beef stock or bouillon. So also say there are hints of malt also. The spread is also rich in glutamates.

What are the various tastes of vegemite?

  • meaty flavor
  • flavor enhancers
  • distinct beefy flavor
  • salty flavor
  • yeasty flavor
  • accent of onion extracts flavor
  • deep cheesy flavor

What Does Vegemite Smell Like?

The smell of vegemite is unique and smells like a well-cooked beef broth. It is most commonly smelt when you first open the screw top lid on the jar.

Does Vegemite taste like cheese?

It does have a partial cheesy-like taste, is more complex. It is kind of like mixing a tasty cheese with a strong beef broth and then reducing the mixture so it quite strong.

Why is Vegemite so popular in Australia

Vegemite is an Australian spread made from yeast extract and salt.

Vegemite was first invented in Australia in1922 when an Australian food company (Cyril Percy Callister) tried to create a spread like British Marmite. Instead, they created their own unique taste. This unique taste has really become famous.

 In Australia, it is commonly used as a sandwich spread or dip for bread and crackers. It is popular as many young Aussie kids are brought up on vegemite.

A teaspoon of vegemite in veal sauce adds a loverly flavor.

Do Aussies like Vegemite

Yes, most do. When they were young they probably had vegemite sandwiches (maybe with cheese).  So they grew up with the taste of vegemite and love it

Why do so many people think Vegemite is gross?

Because Vegemite is quite intense in taste and unless you are used to it – it is likely you will not like it.

Why is Vegemite so bad

The flavor and aroma of vegemite can be too strong unless you have acquired a taste for it.

Is Vegemite a copy of Marmite

No, the taste is quite different really. However marmite was the inspiration for the creation of vegemite – it just turned out a little different.

What is more popular Marmite or Vegemite

Marmite is more popular globally, simply because, English Marmite has a population of 50 million in the UK whereas Australia only has around 30 million people. So it stands to reason that English marmite is more popular.

How to Use Vegemite Spread

  • spread on sandwiches
  • put it on crackers
  • cheese and marmite toasted on bread
  • add to casseroles for flavor
  • add to bacon for taste

The Nutritional Benefits of Vegemite

Vegemite is a yeast extract spread that originated in Australia. It’s made from brewer’s dried malt and wheat, which are then mixed with water to create the paste-like substance we know as vegemite today. The nutritional benefits of this popular Australian food product are well known.

Vegemite has B vitamins. One teaspoon of vegemite has 50% of the daily need for thiamine and folate.

Vegemite spread also sells a version that has reduced salt. So if you are concerned with the salt levels, good news you can still buy the spread version you prefer.

Vegemite all has a new spread with Reduced Salt content which is a good choice.

Marmite Vs Vegemite
Marmite Vs Vegemite

The Differences between Vegemite and Marmite

Marmite is a British favorite, while Vegemite is an Australian one. Both the extracts of yeast and the spreads are very similar. Both of them have a taste that is acquired. The differences between vegemite and marmite are shown.

  • Both are used as spreads on toast.
  • Marmite is more popular in Britain.
  • Vegemite is more popular in Australia.
  • Both are available in jars and cans.
  • Both are sold in supermarkets.
  • Bean dips
  • Dairy products – mix up with cottage cheese
  • Meat dishes – even on steak or lamb chops.
  • Sauces like BBQ sauce – gives extra taste

Compared to the British spread, vegemite has a more intense flavor.

Vegemite’s texture is similar to that of peanut butter, while marmite has a slightly more runny texture. To folks who have not tried them – you will think the taste is similar to molasses.

Although the color of both spreads is dark, the marmite color is a tiny bit lighter of the two.

If you are having a picnic for a crowd then vegemite can be a handy extra spread to make sandwiches.

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How do you eat your marmite or vegemite?

Add vegemite to crackers

If you want to try something new, then why don’t you give vegemite spread a chance. Add some vegemite spread to your favorite cracker and eat them together. This combination tastes great!

Use vegemite spread as a dip

You may think that using vegemite spread as a dipping sauce sounds weird because it is supposed to be added to foods. But, there is nothing wrong with doing so.

Vegemite in Sausage Rolls or hot Dogs Is great Taste
Vegemite in Sausage Rolls or hot Dogs Is great Taste

How Do You Eat Vegemite?

 Don’t eat it plain, it is too strong. Vegemite is better mixed into other foods like sandwiches, toast, pasta dishes, pizza, etc. There are also some recipes where you will need to use Vegemite instead of butter or margarine. 

 • Add Vegemite sparingly.

However, there are some things that should not be done when consuming Vegemite. First off, do not put too much of it onto your bread.  

Vegemite, brie cheese and crackers are great.

Vegemite does not contain flavor enhancers like MSG

 Is Vegemite Banned In The United States?

No, it is not banned, because the folate contained in vegemite is naturally occurring. Chefs, or at least some are slowing using into baking for flavor. Examples are muffins, bread and even chocolate brownie.  

Can I send vegemite to USA?

Yes you can there is no ban at the time of writing, however, you can also buy in the USA.

What exactly is Vegemite?

The fuss is about something. Is Vegemite really what it appears to be? The spread known as vegemite is a good source of vitamin B.

What is Vegemite made of?

Vegemite is a viscous, dark black, salty tasting spread made from brewer’s yeast remains. The yeast is mixed with malt and salt in a secret process.  It also has lots of  B vitamins and folate.  Plus a special vegetable extract that imbibes Vegemite the unusual flavor that so many Australians love.

What does vegemite look like?

Vegemite looks like dark very thick molasses. It has a shiny surface and inside the yellow vegemite Jar it looks like a thick spread with intense flavor.

Should vegemite be refrigerated after opening?

You can store it in an airtight container in the pantry and eat it from the jar.

You can keep it in the fridge, especially if you live in a hot climate and it will keep longer if you do.

What are the most unusual Vegemite Products?

Two that come to mind are Vegemite Potato Chips and Vegemite Steak Pies.

Vegemite can also be used to flavor fish dishes like mahi mahi – see what mahi mahi tastes like?

Does Chai Tea Taste at all like Vegemite Tea?

No the two are quite different – Vegemite tea is salty and beefy where as a chai tea is aromatic and sweeter. And it has more bang and bitter than Jasmine tea which has a pleasant aftertaste.

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