What Foods Pair with Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the sweetest and healthiest fruits in the world. It has a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that help replenish your body into its perfect state. However, eating them raw can be tiring sometimes so incorporating them with other food or fruits can bring back the joy of eating blueberries. In this article, you will learn about the best food combinations regarding blueberries and how you can make them taste great especially when you’re not a fan of its raw flavor.

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Foods that Pair Well with Blueberries

Combos of Traditional Blueberry Flavors

Blueberries go so well with specific cuisines, tastes, and dishes that you absolutely must taste them at least once, if not several times.

Lemons pair well with Blueberries

Sweet-tart and Blueberries and sharp lemon are at the topend of the list, an almost unbeatable combination. (However, blueberries and other citrous tastes such as lime, orange, and even grapefruit should not be overlooked.)

Banana pairs very well with Blueberries

Blueberries and bananas work well together, whether eaten on their own or blended into one of a plethora of smoothie recipes. Bananas provide smoothness, while blueberries provide color and taste.

Cheese pairs really well with blueberries

This pairing is somewhat deceptive since blueberries pair well with both savory and sweet cheeses. In salads and grain bowls, they give feta and other sharp cheeses a fresh, juicy pop. Mascarpone cheese appears in a variety of blueberry dishes, and it works as well in savory crostini as it does in a sugary bread pudding.

Blueberries with cured meats:

Nothing will ever be the same again when it comes to charcuterie boards! To the smokey aromas of bacon, salami, prosciutto, and other cured meats, blueberries provide just the proper sweet, juicy balance.

And now for the Blueberry pairing surprise!

Blueberries pair with Brussel sprouts: To round off your meal, how about some roasted Brussel sprouts? Toss in a cup of fresh blueberries in the final three minutes of roasting. The combination will astound you.

Blueberries Can Pair with Brussel Sprouts Well
Blueberries Can Pair with Brussel Sprouts Well

What to Serve With Blueberries?

  • Salads

Adding sweet fruits to a salad can be a little bit tricky because it might turn your lunch into a dessert on a whim. The remedy to this is to add more protein like chicken or salmon to your salad to contrast with the fruit’s natural flavors. Furthermore, blueberries and balsamic vinegar are a winning combination for salad dressings, vinaigrettes, sauces, and glazes for poultry, meat, and vegetables. 

  • Yogurt

Want to spice up your daily yogurt intake? Add a handful of blueberries. This will not only sweeten the yogurt but also amp up its nutritional value. You can also incorporate crushed almonds to balance the flavor and add texture.

  • Whipped Cream

If you have a sweet tooth, create a dessert that you will love by topping your whipped cream with frozen blueberries. It will taste like you’re eating something from a healthy dessert shop. However, use unsweetened whipped cream so that it will not be too sweet.

  • Ice Cubes

Another fun way to eat (or drink) blueberries is by putting small pieces on an ice cube tray and adding some water. When visitors come to your place, you can serve them cold water with the blueberry ice cubes floating. After drinking their beverages, they can just eat the blueberries.

  • Oatmeal

Breakfasts can sometimes be tiring especially when you eat the same oatmeal every day. Try adding frozen blueberries on top of your oatmeal to add sweetness and freshness.

  • Chocolate

Chocolate-dipped berries are the best healthy dessert that anyone could have. This also applies to blueberries because of their slightly acidic flavor. Just dip the blueberries on some dark chocolate and freeze them up.

  • Cheesecake

Blueberries are the perfect accompaniment to cheesecake in just about any form. You practically can’t even eat cheesecake without some blueberries, whether as a simple garnish or as part of a sophisticated swirl of components.

Blueberries Work really Well On Salads
Blueberries Work really Well On Summer Salads

Are Frozen Blueberries as Healthy as Fresh?

Yes. Blueberries are fresh whether they are fresh or frozen. Freezing fruits preserve the vitamins and you can enjoy them for a longer time. However, fresh blueberries have more minerals than frozen ones. It depends on when do you want to eat them. If you have a whole family or friends to eat the blueberries, you can eat them fresh but if you’re just alone, freezing them might be a big help.

How Do You Eat Blueberries if You Don’t Like Them?

Not all people like blueberries like some of us and that’s okay. But, if your loved ones need nutritious food and they don’t like raw blueberries, you can turn them into a milkshake or sweet smoothie to hide their flavor but preserve their nutritional value.

Blueberries are often associated with sweet sweets and baked products.

You may also make a blueberry compote for serving on top of sweet delights like pound cake.

Blueberry Pairings for the Season

Blueberry season lasts all year — no matter what other tastes come and go, you can always count on a dose of fresh or frozen blueberries regardless of the season.  Here are a few classic combos that keep the blueberry taste fresh throughout the year.


As the globe blooms, blueberries and lavender provide the perfect balance of sweet-tart and delicate floral undertones.

Cocktail with blueberries and lavender


Blueberries and mint make a pleasant mix that’s perfect for crisp, luscious summer salads as the days become hotter.

Salad of Summer Fruits with Basil, Mint, and Lime and of course the berries


In the cold autumn months, deep, woody pumpkin takes control, while blueberry adds a delicious twist that makes an impact.

Whoopie Pies with Blueberries, Nutmeg and Pumpkin


Cinnamon, with its sweet, aromatic taste, combines with blueberry to surround you with comfort and warmth.

Casseroles with Blueberry