What Is the Crunchy Stuff on The Top of Sushi

What Is the Crunchy Topping on Sushi

You can incorporate so many different toppings to a standard sushi roll that it can be hard to choose just one. But what about the crunchy stuff?

The crunchy, attractive topping on the top of your sushi is Panko Bread, Read on for a more complete outline of sushi toppings in the rest of the article.

If you’ve ever tasted Japanese food, you’ll likely have noticed that a layer of Panko breadcrumbs often accompanies the crunchy and light brown bits on the top of the food. 

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Although many ingredients are popular in Asian cuisine, it is not always easy to identify which ones are included in a dish when learning how to make sushi. This article aims to help novice sushi lovers understand the various terms used in the game.

A good example is Spicy Dynamite California Crunch Sushi Roll

What Is the Crunchy Thing on Top of Sushi?

The crunchy outer coating of your salmon is Japanese breadcrumbs, also called panko. “Pan” means bread, while “ko” means flour.

Panko Topping on Sushi
Panko Topping on Sushi

However, for aesthetic’s the Japanese will often have it nicely browned because it just looks more appetizing to the eyes. And when people come into a sushi bar what is the first thing they do they look, and then they look again as they start to decide what type of sushi they will buy from the myriad of different choices. Hence having nice toppings on sushi is actually very important and is considered an art in Japan.

Panko is not the same as white bread, which originates from a different type of dough. It means vegans can safely eat it. Also, it’s a lighter and crispier alternative to regular breadcrumbs.

Panko is famous for coating the outer surface of nori, or you can use it as a base for other dishes. It absorbs less oil than regular breadcrumbs and creates a lighter and more flavorful dish. If you are serving sushi for a big lunch crowd then Panko toppings are one of the most popular because they give a crunch which gives the sushi a texture.

Aside from being used in various forms of food, such as pasta, you can also use it in baking and other recipes. This versatile ingredient is an excellent alternative to white-toasted bread.

Although it doesn’t have a specific taste, panko does absorb the other ingredients without adding harmful substances. It’s a healthy alternative to regular breadcrumbs. It also contains less fat, salt, and calories.

What Are Other Toppings for Sushi?

After learning how to make the crunchy stuff on top of your sushi, you might want to try some other ingredients you can use as toppings. Also, see our facts about sushi which has a lot more detail about this popular food.

Picked Seaweed on Sushi Gives It an Authentic Taste
Picked Seaweed on Sushi Gives It an Authentic Taste

Picked Seaweed

Pickled seaweeds are standard toppings for maki. It’s very healthy and will be enjoyed by those passionate about seaweed. 

Fried Eggs

You can find omelets in both maki and nigiri. The egg-sandwich style of Tamago has a sweet and puffy taste. Sometimes, you can add an omelet to the roll instead of on top.  What again is important is having a colourful omelette on top of the sushi, so adding spring or green onions some red peppers and any other coloured vegetable or herbs is important to the overall look of your final sushi.

Various Toppings Like Mango and Mayo

Adding sauce options such as Mango, Eel, and Mayo can enhance the taste and make it juicier. They also improve the appearance of the dish.  Mango is a popular fruit in sushi.

Exotic Topics For Sushi

Try the topping called furikake. Furikake is a seasoning made up of dried bonito flakes, soy sauce,


One of the most common ingredients used in various Japanese dishes is the Flying Fish Eggs or Tobiko. It has a bright orange color and a mildly salty taste.

Sliced Avocado

Combining fresh fruit and vegetables such as Mango or Avocado adds flavor to the dish. It also pairs well with rice and raw fish.

While the traditional Japanese style of making sushi is effortless, this guide will teach you how to make numerous kinds of sushi, such as crunchy and creamy rolls. You can usually serve the dish with standard Japanese mayo and add multiple unexpected ingredients to your sushi.