What to Serve with Pasta Salad for A Big Group

What to Serve with Pasta Salad for A Big Group

Pasta salad is one of the all-time favorites for outdoor and summer salads it is easy to prepare, stores well but it is not a meal on its own, and needs some support from other dishes to make your big event a success.

For a party, you make want to consider making pasta salad ahead of time.

Before we reveal our top accompanying foods let’s look at what is commonly in pasta salad as that will help us work out what goes well with it and also you may come up with your own ideas using this article as a salad side dish generator.

What are the main ingredients in pasta salad?

  • pasta of any variety
  • bacon
  • mozzarella cheese – cut into cube
  • red onion
  • pepperoni
  • mayonnaise

Top 15 Sides that Go with Pasta Salad for A Crowd in 2024

To serve with the pasta salad, add sides like baked potatoes and coleslaw for an unforgettable meal.

1. How To Serve Baked Potatoes and Pasta Salad

The perfect accompaniment to pasta salad because they go together so well and can be made ahead of time. You can even bake them the night before and reheat them just before serving. Do not forget to top the potatoes with say red paprika and diced chives on the pasta salad – This is how you make a Christmas pasta salad and baked potato combo – giving a red baked potato and green pasta salad.

2. How to serve Coleslaw with Pasta Salad

Coleslaw: This is another great side dish idea because it can be prepared ahead of time and served cold or at room temperature. This makes the pasta salad and coleslaw excellent choices for when you are catering for a large group or going on a big family picnic. It also makes a nice change from potato salad which can be too heavy when serve with pasta salad as well. See also our article on how much coleslaw per person for a big group.

Coleslaw Pairs Well with Pasta Salad
Coleslaw Pairs Well with Pasta Salad

3. Grilled Chicken:

If you want something more substantial to go with pasta salad then the grilled chicken is a good choice. Just remember to grill the chicken a day ahead of time to allow it to cool down properly and refrigerate. Wrap the grilled chicken so it does not dry out. On the day of the party take it out of the fridge let it rest for 15 minutes and slice it. You will find it to be still fresh and juicy.

4. Fruit

Fresh fruit is always a popular option when it comes to serving pasta salad. Try sliced apples, peaches, pears, grapes, and berries. To create a really summer-looking pasta salad try some summer strawberries sliced thinly over the top.

5. Homemade Potato Chips:

These chips are really simple to make and taste amazing. The crunch they give when eaten with the pasta salad makes them a perfect partner. If you are a little adventurous add some chili or cayenne pepper dusted onto your home-made potato chips.

6. How to Serve Roasted Vegetables with Potato Salad

This is a great way to use up leftover vegetables from dinner. Simply roast them until golden brown and toss them with olive oil and salt. Try to choose some colorful vegetables like thinly sliced carrots because they will add color to your overall dish when mixed with pasta salad.

7. Mixed Greens:

For those who don’t eat meat, mixed greens are a tasty alternative. Also, green bean casserole works well with this dish.

8. Mashed Potatoes:

Another great side dish idea if you have mashed potatoes leftover after making dinner. They are delicious and very filling.

9. Onion Rings:

These rings are crispy and delicious and go perfectly with pasta salad. What’s more, they’re super easy to make!

How To Serve Baked Potatoes and Pasta Salad
How To Serve Baked Potatoes and Pasta Salad

10. Pickles:

Pickles are a classic addition to pasta salad and they are a must!

11. Pizza:

If you’re having pizza for lunch or dinner, why not serve it with pasta salad? It’s a great combination.   A few slices of tomato added to the pasta salad gives it a different flavor.  For excitement try it with Spicy Peanut Sauce.  A spicy peanut sauce goes well with pasta salad. Add in chopped peanuts, garlic, ginger, and chili flakes for an extra kick.

12. Smoked Salmon:

Serve smoked salmon with a pasta salad for a fun twist on the traditional recipe.

13. Tomato Soup:

This soup style is hearty enough to stand alone as a meal, but it pairs beautifully with pasta salad.

14. Tuna Salad:

A tuna salad works well with pasta salad because it has a complementary flavor profile.

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15. Fresh Veggie Medley:

A fresh veggie medley of summer vegetables is a great side dish because the more vegetables are healthy and create a nice crunch with the pasta salad. Try sliced carrots celery broccoli and blanched green beans.

How Can I Keep Pasta Salad from Getting Soggy?

Pasta salad is one of my favorite summertime dishes. It’s light, fresh and so easy to make! The only problem with pasta salads is that they tend to get soggy if you don’t keep them in the fridge. Here are a few tips on how to prevent this:

1) Make sure your pasta salad has enough dressing but not too much. Pasta can absorb some extra liquid but not too much

2) Use airtight containers. Don’t use glass containers unless they have a really tight-fitting lid. Instead, use plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.

3) Add some extra ingredients to help lock in the flavors and absorb excess liquid while giving the pasta salad texture – Things like sunflower seeds and walnuts etc. all work well.

4) Store the pasta salad in the refrigerator. If you store it at room temperature, it will start to break down faster.

How Long Does Pasta Salad Last?

It does depend on the type of pasta to a degree and how much dressing you put on it. Plus if you add other ingredients like tomatoes which have high water content. I usually make a big batch and keep it in the fridge for about 3 days with no issues though.

What Should I Do with Leftover Pasta Salad?

  • If you have any leftover pasta salad, here are a few ideas:
  • Put it in sandwiches
  • Top it with cheese
  • Mix it into a sandwich spread
  • Spread it onto bread slices and top with tomato slices
  • Freeze it in ice cube trays and pop out frozen cubes to add to soups or stir-fries