Rosie is a passionate chef with many years of experience under her belt. She has started from scratch cafes, restaurants, and also a food manufacturing business. 

She has done this all with her husband Jimbo who is not a cook at all but loves food – but more about Jim below.

Rosie is a perfectionist when it comes to anything to do with food. 

Rosie has a real depth of experience and is able to bring it to our site. We personally develop these recipes and try them – so that we know they work and we hope that will give you the confidence to try them also.

Jimbo is a trained chemist and loves Rosie and food! 

However, when Jimbo attempts to do things in the kitchen he is usually kicked out just has to wait for the food to be made.

Jimbo says 

“Actually it is not too bad – I get to eat with out all the work making it. But I would like to point out that I do have to do the dishes!”

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