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One Pot Cooking Recipes Ever

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  • chicken coq au vin pressure cooker
    Chicken Coq Au Vin
    Beef Ragu Onepot Recipe
    Beef Ragu
    Tasty Pressure Cooker Recipes
    Tom Yum Soup
  • pork burger pressure cooker
    Pulled Pork Burger
    pressure cooker healthy recipe
    Healthy Instant Pot
    Plated Lemongrass Chicken
    Lemon Grass Chicken
Our Mission
To show you how to make "one pot" dishes that are really delicious. The whole family will love them. And because they are cooked in one pot they are easier and often faster.
herbs for instant pot

How to use Herbs

We have a guide on how to use herbs in an instant pot.
Using spices and herbs are the key - or secret  way to get your open pot dishes to taste and look amazing. We talk about the top five herbs and how you can use them in every day pot recipes.
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Instant Pot

Faster, very tender meats and intense flavors. With a pressure cooker you still get all taste in less time. Weteach you how

Slow Pot

Let the flavor from all your ingredients infuse all day.  We teach you how to get maximum taste. 

Oven Pots

Use your oven to produce some amazing dishes that can be tasteful and crunchy!

Exotic Pots

Looking for tangerine recipes - we have a great section on these and other exotic. pots from some amazing global cultures.


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