What Is The Shelf Life Of Food

You just come home from work late and you are search for want to eat by looking in the freezer, fridge or pantry.

You find something interesting and it looks old – what do you do?

Is it still ok to eat, will it taste good?

If it is from the freezer then the chances are good it is ok because Food poisoning bacteria does not grow in the freezer.

But wait a minute – what about the taste? Foods in the freezer for many months may have freezer burn, be dry, not taste so good.

So can you eat it? Read our many guides below to find out about your specific type of food, its shelf life, and will it go bad.

Shelf Life of Foods

The shelf life of foods varies depending on what kind of food it is. For example, fresh fruits and vegetables last much less than processed foods like cookies. If you want to know how long a food should stay in the refrigerator, start by looking at the label. It will tell you how many days you can keep the food before it goes bad.

However see our guides per food type below for you type of food.

Calculation of shelflife

The best way to calculate the shelf life of foods is by using the “best before date” printed on the packaging. This is usually based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. If this date is reached, then the product should be thrown away.

Food Expiration Dates What to Know

The best way to know what foods should be thrown away is to check the expiration date. If you see “Best before” or “Use by” dates, then you can assume that the product is safe to eat. But if you see “sell by” dates, this means that the product is past its prime and possibly may not be spoiled it may not just taste as good.

Understanding Food Expiration Dates

The USDA recommends that all foods when stored at room temperature be kept away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration helps extend shelf life by slowing down the growth of microorganisms. But refrigerated items lose some flavor and texture over time.

SellBy Date

The Sell By date is a way of telling you when a product should be used by. It tells you whether a product is best before its expiration date, or after. If you see a “sell by” date on a loaf of bread, you know you should probably use it within two weeks.

Best if Used by Date

The best way to know whether a product is safe to consume is to check the date on the label. If the expiration date is past, then the product should probably be discarded. This doesn’t mean that all foods expire at the same rate, however. Some foods (like milk) spoil quickly, while others (such as eggs) last longer.

UseBy Date

The best way to know whether or not a food item is safe to eat is to look at the “use by date” label. This tells you how long the product should be kept before being consumed. For example, foods labeled “best if used by” or “sell by” date are often safe to consume after this point. If a food item doesn’t have a use-by date, check the expiration date.

Expiration Date

If you see a date on a product, it means that the manufacturer has tested the product and found it to be safe to consume. The expiration date tells you how long the product should be kept before consuming it.

How to tell if your food has gone bad

The best way to know if your food has gone off is by smelling it. If it smells like rotten eggs, then it probably isn’t safe to eat. But if it doesn’t smell, then it could be fine. It all depends on what kind of food it is. For example, meat should always smell fresh, whereas dairy products should never smell at all.