How Long Do Raspberries Last

How long do raspberries last in the fridge, freezer, and left out?

Raspberries are superfruits that we need to eat regularly together with other fruits and vegetables.

However, you need to be mindful of their shelf life or for how long you can enjoy the fresh berries and nutrients. (See the comparison between black and red raspberries)

In this article, we’ll tackle how long do raspberries last and how you can keep them fresh longer.

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How Long Do Raspberries Last?

The life of raspberries depends on whether they are fresh when you got them and your method of storage. When you decide to just leave them on top of the counter at room temperature, they will only last for a day. Fresh raspberries are so fun to eat because of the aroma and the texture. However, when you left them in the kitchen for too long, they may get too mushy and inedible. 

How Long Do Raspberries Last in The Fridge

If you want to extend the freshness of raspberries, you can store them in the fridge so they can last from 5-7 days depending on how ripe are they when you got them. You can put them in a transparent reusable bag or container to prevent the odor from other items in the fridge to affect them.

How Long Do Raspberries Last in The Freezer

Lastly, to make the raspberries last for a very long time, you can freeze them. Frozen raspberries can be used in smoothies, milkshakes, and even alcoholic beverages. Always keep them in the freezer when you don’t use them to maintain the freshness.

How To Freeze Raspberries

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to freeze raspberries.

  • Start by taking a baking tray and covering it with parchment paper
  • Gently wash the raspberries so that you don’t damage the fruit but there’s enough water to remove any dirt or contaminants that might be on the berry
  • I find it good to then put them gently into a strainer and then let them sit for about 5 to 10 minutes so the excess water runs off
  • If there is still water visible then use an absorbent towel (paper of soft cloth)  to carefully remove any remaining water.
  • Put the raspberries individually onto your parchment-lined baking tray, try to have the raspberries not touching each other. This will mean when they are frozen you can place them into a bag and essentially they become free flow.

Doing this you can buy your raspberries ahead of time for a large group and freeze them for between 3 to 6 months and if you for them carefully they will come out as if they were just picked in the last week.

How To Freeze Raspberries
How To Freeze Raspberries

How Do You Keep Raspberries Fresh Longer?

Aside from the usual rinse and store method, another thing you can do to keep berries, in this case, raspberries fresh longer is to rinse them with vinegar. This may sound a bit unconventional but white vinegar helps reduce the potential molding of the raspberries. After the quick rinse, dry them with a clean towel or paper towel or soft cloth towels and put them away in a container.

Do Mason Jars Make Fruit Last Longer?

Yes! When you place fruits or vegetables in mason jars and store them in the fridge, you’re doubling their life as compared to when they are stored in a reusable plastic bag. This is true in raspberries because to keep them edible, you must put them in a tight container like a mason jar. However, they will only last for a couple of days so you need to eat them as soon as possible to not let them go to waste, you don’t want to get moldy raspberries which is why they are often stored in a shallow container.

How Long in Advance Can I Buy Raspberries for A Family Party Like Thanksgiving

You can buy fresh raspberries up to one week in advance of your memorial day barbecue or big family event. However, you must carefully choose the freshest raspberries so that they can last a full week if that is how long ahead of time you are buying them.

Buying raspberries can be tricky because they’re seasonal fruits that are best when they are in season. It’s vital to know how long in front you need to purchase raspberry so that you don’t run out of them.  Another way of catering for a large event with raspberry is to buy them when they are fresh follow the step-by-step guide here on how to freeze raspberries and they can last for several months so you can be prepared.

Do Washing Raspberries Make Them Spoil Faster?

No. Washing raspberries makes them last longer. One of the basic etiquettes in the kitchen is washing fruit and vegetables with cold water after buying them either in stores or farmer’s markets. To prevent fruits like raspberries from going bad or getting moldy and mushy, you have to pat dry them using a towel. You can never go wrong with being clean with the food you ingest.

How to Clean Raspberries

To clean raspberries, simply rinse them under cold water.  At the same time sort out any spoiled raspberries.

Cleaning Raspberries Will Extend the Shelflife
Cleaning Raspberries Will Extend the Shelflife

How To Tell If Raspberries Are Bad?

The key thing to look out for is whether they feel soft or mushy. If they seem too soft, then it’s likely they’ve gone off and are bad raspberries. They should still taste fine though, so don’t throw away perfectly edible fruit just because it feels hard.

Can I Eat Discolored Raspberries

You can eat white discolored raspberries however if the discoloration is brown then you should discard them. 

The color of fresh raspberries will fade after just a few hours. This is because the vitamin C content decreases as it oxidizes. To prevent this from happening, rinse the berries before storing them in the fridge.

Can I Eat Raspberries with Signs of Mold

Even a bit of mold on the raspberry means you should discard it. At the first sign of moldy berries or evidence of mold, you may be able to pick out one or two raspberries from the rest of the pack. However, if there are too many you may have to discard the whole pack of raspberries.

The mold will grow at room temperature quite quickly so that is why if you’re not going to eat them straight away wash them and get them into cool water or cold storage.

Can I Eat Raspberries that Smell Off

At the first sign that raspberries smell strange, it is time to throw them out. You can start to get fermentation which raises the temperature which intern helps bacteria grow because they will grow faster the higher the temperature.

Can I Eat Raspberries when The Taste Goes Off

If you taste raspberry and it does not meet with your taste memory then likely it has gone bad and you should discard it.  Bad fruits, in general, should not be eaten.

A few tips to ensure that your raspberries last longer:

1) wash your fruit thoroughly before storing it in the fridge. This will remove any dirt or debris that could affect its flavor.

2) Store your berries in airtight containers. Make sure they are in good condition or you are better to eating them. If you’re going to freeze them place them separately on the tray so that they do not stick together. 

With Raspberries You Can Make Attractive Looking Dishes for Your Big Group Party
With Raspberries, You Can Make Attractive Looking Dishes for Your Big Group Party

Can You Eat Raspberries with White Spots?

Raspberry fruit is made up of more than 50 drupelets. Sometimes a raspberry will have white spots, and while they might not look appetizing you can eat them.

Drupelets have a white color that can be a result of excess sun or possibly a raspberry disease called white druplet disorder. Don’t worry they are still hearty berries and maybe eaten but because they do not look as good they are not popular Berries.

Ripe raspberries that have brown or rotting drupelets, should be picked out of the original container and thrown out.

How Long Do Raspberries Last At Room Temperature?

Raspberries will last at room temperature for 1 or 2 days only.

Tips For Freezing Raspberries

To freeze fresh raspberries, place them into freezer bags, then seal and label. Place the bag into the freezer, where they will stay frozen for up to 6 months.

Shelf Life of Raspberries

Freshly picked raspberries will last 5-7 days in the fridge. 

Handling Raspberries

The best way to handle fresh raspberries is by placing them into a bowl, covering them with plastic wrap, then storing them in the fridge. 

How To Make A Berry Wash Solution

The easiest way to freeze berries is by making a berry wash solution. This will ensure that all the nutrients are free from contaminants. Simply combine some lemon juice and stir gently. The natural acidity in the lemon juice will not only cleanse but also kill any bacteria present providing you have sufficient acidity.