Butcher Paper vs Foil vs Parchment Paper

Butcher Paper vs Foil vs Parchment Paper

Do you use it On the BBQ, Grill or roasting – we explain the differences

Butcher Paper vs Foil vs Parchment Paper. Which is the Best for what use.

Do you Wrap meat chunks or cuts halfway through the basting, roasting, or cooking to help them cook faster.

This is why using butcher paper, or foil or parchment is a popular technique.

Some pitmasters wrap large cuts of meat also to keep in the flavor or speed up the cooking process.

But what paper or foil do use?

What is Butcher Paper

Butcher paper is a sturdy material that’s ideal for wrapping meats. It’s made from wood pulp and has a high resistance to tearing and is a food-grade paper. 

There are many different types of butcher paper. White is the most common. Pink is becoming more popular. Pink is often called peach paper because some famous chefs use it for smoking brisket.

Peach paper is a type of paper that has no smell or taste and is safe to use with food.

If you want to buy butcher paper, look for one that doesn’t contain any wax or polyethylene. The reason being is with heat these chemicals can contaminate the meat

What is Parchment Paper

When compared against butcher paper you’ll find parchment paper is not as thick or thinner than butcher paper. Further, it is treated to give it nonstick properties. In addition, you can buy it bleached or natural(unbleached). Both types are ok to bake or cook with. The is a small issue that the bleached variety could leach out dioxins when hot, so it isn’t the best choice for broiling or grilling.

Parchment paper has a tendency to stick to meat so to stop this from happening, spray it with cooking spray. This will keep it from sticking to itself.

Butchers Paper Vs Foil
Butchers Paper Vs Foil

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