Pepperoni Statistics Facts and Figures

19 Different Pepperoni Statistics, Facts and Figures (Chart, Pictures, and Facts Referenced in 2024)

 Here is a curated list of some fun facts, figures, and statistics about Pepperoni. Pepperoni is typically associated with pizzas and a topping and we will get to that. 

See our list below the infographic.

Different Pepperoni Statistics, Facts and Figures
Different Pepperoni Statistics, Facts, and Figures

1. Pepperoni Was Invented In America. By an Italian-American

The first mention of pepperoni in the press was in 1919. There were articles covering the rise in the number of Italian-owned butcher shops.

Also in the 1915-1925 decade a significant rise in the number of American- Italian owned pizzerias occurred. More than 100 in just a few years. This was the start of the New York Pizza revolution.

But it was also the start of the pepperoni revolution!


Book: How Italian Food Conquered the World by John Mariani. [No Longer in Print]2222

2. How Were The Original Pepperonis Made?

One Of the first recorded recipes for pepperoni  included the following ingredients

Meat diced finely which includes beef chuck, pork trimming, pork jowl which were seasoned with secret mixtures of red pepper and Italian spices.

This was hand-stuffed into pig casings and air-dried at a maximum temperature of 140 F.

American ingenuity introduced lactic acid to the curing process which enhances the peppery flavor and shortens the pepperoni curing process from months to days.

Ref [American Food and Drink Published by Oxford University Press – See Google Books]

3. One Fact that Makes Pepperoni Different than Salami Sausage

A true American pepperoni sliced sausage will release more deep flavors and spices when heated. Why?

Italian salami is often eaten in the form of a Cheese and Salami Sandwich – which is of course served cold. Whereas Pepperoni was conceived on New Your to go on pizzas and calzones!

What is the Difference Between Salami and Pepperoni
What is the Difference Between Salami and Pepperoni

4. Did You Know that In the Early 1900s Pepperoni Could only Be Made in Fall and Winter?

Because refrigeration and humidity control was expensive and not widespread pepperoni was only made in late fall or winter when the skilled American-Italian sausage makers knew that the environmental conditions were right for manufacturing.

This led to a shortage of pepperoni and demand exceeded supply.

What Is Uncured Pepperoni and How Do You Tell the Difference?

5. What American Company First Created Automated Pepperoni Production

While many say it had its origins in New York, the Chicago based company “Armour and Company” claims to have mastered the first automated year-round production of pepperoni by using both humidity control and temperature control.

6. Pepperoni Becomes Political – Only In America

Follow the Money!  HEADLINE: Republicans Back Pepperoni. Big pizza companies and other large meat companies that have pepperoni among their products back in the George W Bush days lobbied the Republican Party.

Bloomberg and the New York Times both ran articles on the Powerful Lobby Groups Fighting for your rights to eat Pizza and Pepperoni!

Pepperoni Turns Partisan – by The New York Times


Pepperonis Last Stand –

7. What States Eat The Most Pepperoni

  • New York State
  • Illinois
  • California
  • Florida
  • Texas

Use This To Make a Pepperoni Map.

What States Eat The Most Pepperoni
What States Eat The Most Pepperoni

8. How Much Pepperoni Do Americans Consume

Pepperoni is used most in Pizza, but also in Calzones, Pasta, Rissoto, and other dishes that need that smokey spicy flavor.

  • More than 450 million pounds of pepperoni is used in Pizza Per year
  • More than 80 million pounds of pepperoni is used in Calzones Per Year
  • More than 70 million pounds of pepperoni is used in Pasta Per Year

9. Did You Know There Is a National Pepperoni Day

National Pepperoni Day is Celebrated on 20th of September.

In 2020 Dominos made a special Pizza to celebrate World Pepperoni Day

10. Loaded Pepperoni Pizza is 10x more Popular than New Yorker Pizza

Dominos Australia released figures for its two most popular pepperoni pizzas

The Sold 29,450 loaded pepperoni pizzas in one day vs 8421 New York Pepperoni pizza. For reference to these figures see the link directly above.

Doing some Extrapolation – America is around 10x the size of Australia so that would likely mean Dominos in the United States would sell well over 1 million pepperoni pizza per day

11. How Much Pepperoni per Year Is Used by Pizza Franchises

Dominos in Australia has quoted that they use 1407 tonnes of pepperoni per year. So again extrapolating for America.

Dominos America is estimated to use around 50,000 tonnes of pepperoni per year

Pepperoni Statistics, Facts and Figures
Pepperoni Statistics, Facts and Figures

12. Did You Know You Can Get Turkey Pepperoni

Yes, you can. I have tried it and it tastes pretty good. I put it on a Homemade Pizza Facts test and I could not really taste the difference to a real pepperoni.

Furthermore, it contains 25% less fat – so if you are looking for a healthy pepperoni (well, healthier) then try a turkey pepperoni.

13. Did You Know You Can Get Vegan Pepperoni

Yes, you can – in fact, you can make it at home. You can see a recipe on the the Minimal Baker just you do it.

14. What Sells More Cured Pepperoni or Uncured

While it is hard to get the exact facts, releasing on the internet and doing some interpretation of more than 100 websites and fast-food chains we estimate that cured pepperoni outsells uncured pepperoni by 50:1

15. What are the Most Popular Pepperoni Manufacturers in America

  1. Hormel
  2. Mama Cozzi’s
  3. Armour
  4. Boar’s Head

Ref: []

What Is Pepperoni Really Made Of
What Is Pepperoni Really Made Of

16. Do Any of The Top 10 Most Expensive Pizza in The World Contain Pepperoni

We discovered some of the most expensive pizzas in the world like

Gordon Ramsay’s $250 Pizza from the Maze Restaurant and it contains no Pepperoni at all

One Of New York’s most expensive pizzas is Ninos of New York City. It is also one of the best-containing lobster and caviar. It will cost you around $1000.00. However again there is no pepperoni here.

Other top-end pizzas did not contain any pepperoni. So we can conclude that pepperoni might be the most popular pizza topping, but it tends to get left out from the most expensive pies because they explore the subtle tastes of fine dining ingredients.

17. What Is the Cheapest Quick Pepperoni Pizza

For this, we going to go with the famous $1 slice of pepperoni pizza in NYC. 

And that is from 2 BROS. Pizza.

See the Video talking about just how they do it. []

18. What Is the Most Extreme Pepperoni Pizza that Tastes Amazing

Imagine pepperoni cut and serve in many different ways in a pizza.

start with julienned pepperoni, then dice and slice. Bake it all in deep dish pie and you have BJ’s Restaurants Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza

19. What Is Old World Pepperoni vs Regular Pepperoni

Old World Pepperoni has the following. Higher quality meat, bolder taste with high-end spices and herbs, and delivers on flavor. Old-world pepperoni also delivers better taste and texture when baked.

Regular Pepperoni is different than old-world pepperoni because it is mass-produced and can not ferment as long and will have more additives and chemicals.

How can you tell the difference between pepperoni and old world pepperoni?

Old world pepperoni will curl up and create a cup when cooked in a pizza oven. Regular pepperoni will come out flat.

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