Why Do People Like Durian

This spiky fruit also dubbed the king of fruits, causes discord among consumers worldwide due to its strong, unpleasant odor.

It’s even banned in some establishments, transport hubs, and other public places simply because the smell resembles that of a sewer leak, garbage, or even rotten onions. 

Durian is popular throughout Asia despite being a highly unusual fruit. It is dominant and harvested in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Causing divisiveness among consumers worldwide, some people claim to genuinely love eating the fruit while some absolutely hate it. 

Do People Really Like Durian

Known for having an exotic taste and sensation, some people genuinely love eating the fruit, describing the taste of durian as mild-flavored that’s sweet and savory with a custard-like creamy texture, while some recall their experiences as similar to eating a foul-smelling mango with a rodent-like feel. 

Asian people, especially those who grew up eating durian, have no qualms when eating the fruit.

What is the Taste Of Durian Like
What is the Taste Of Durian Like

What is the Flavor Of Durian Like

The taste and smell actually varies depending on the variety. Scientists discovered that as the fruit reaches a ripe state, an enzyme releases the odorant from the fruit’s amino acids, causing the characteristic bad smell. 

I remember sitting on the stairs of a department store in Bugis Junction in Singapore eating a durian because it was not allowed to be taken into my hotel. For me the durian texture is smooth, not unlike a pannacotta dessert, the taste is a little like a roasted chestnut, and has a warming feeling. I love durians.

In some regions, there are some durians that are downright bitter and some that are legitimately sweet. Its flavor profile is difficult to put into words as it is unique and unlike any other fruit. 

Can Eating Durian Be Fatal

No, there is no scientific evidence proving this. Durian just causes bloating and indigestion due to its fiber and carbohydrate content and when consumed with any carbonated drink such as alcohol and sodas, it will increase your discomfort but not enough to be considered fatal. 

Durians and alcohol have the same properties that could warm bodies, which is why it is strongly advised to consume and drink moderately. There is also a common practice of drinking salt-flavored water from the durian husk to reduce the warming effect of the fruit. 

Is Durian High In Cholesterol

No, this is another myth that has been debunked. Durian has absolutely no cholesterol content. Instead, it is actually healthy for the heart as it has monounsaturated fats that aid in lowering your low-density lipoprotein, otherwise known as bad cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. 

However, too much of the fruit can cause heartburn or cough, and sometimes even fever. So always remember to eat moderately and avoid partnering it with any gassy drinks or else it will turn out bad for you. Just drink plenty of water after eating.

What Is The Benefit Of Eating Durian

It may have a potent, pungent smell, but it actually has a lot of nutritional benefits and is even used in traditional medicine in Malaysia to treat illnesses such as jaundice, fever, and skin conditions. All parts of the plant including its husks, leaves, fruit, and roots can be used for health reasons. 

With its antibacterial and antifungal properties, durians can fight infection. It also helps in lowering an individual’s blood sugar thanks to its low glycemic index. Durians also have ideal levels of Vitamin C and B6, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and riboflavin.