Steak Doneness Statistics

Real-Time Survey On Steak Doneness Statistics and Data By State And Town In The United States in 2021

Based on our survey data.

How Americans order their steak

  • 58% of Americans order their steak Well Done or Medium Well
  • 24% Of Americans order their steak Medium
  • 5% of American order their steak Rare

So according to our survey three-quarters of Americans like steak at either Medium, Medium Well, or Well Done beef as their steak preference.

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Overall the least popular steak doneness was blue rare (2%) with rare (5%).

What are the different ways to order steak?

  • Blue Rare
  • Rare
  • Medium Rare
  • Medium
  • Medium Well
  • Well Done

There are people who are passionate about how they like their steak cooked and you can not change them – however, it will be interesting to see as we gather data over a time period to see if there is a trend to that perfect steak doneness.

There are lots of engaging questions that can be asked like –

  • Is it safe to eat a blue steak?
  • What’s the rarest you can order a steak?
  • Why you should never order steak well done?
  • Well done steak, is there a bigger crime imaginable?

Cooking steak is also one of the great weekend relaxing or unwinding pastimes – with a beer or your favorite drink in hand. Grilling beef, seasoning with salt and pepper and cooking your perfect sirloin, filet mignon is a great way to enjoy your culinary passions.

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We also have a range of recipes for steak made in an instant pot which is becoming more popular and really does result in a juicy steak that is really tender.

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