What Does Laraha Taste Like

What Does Laraha Taste Like

Laraha or curacao orange tastes like a combination of sweet and bitter. It is a citrus tree that originated in Curacao, a Caribbean Island. It is a descendant of bitter orange, which can produce the famous blue curacao liquor, which is often served as a welcome drink on the island. In this article, we give you more information about what Laraha tastes like, as well as details about the interesting blue curacao liquor. 

What Does Laraha  Taste Like

Laraha orange is a type of citrus fruit that is originally bitter. Others say that it is even too bitter to be eaten. However, the people from Curacao eventually discovered that Laraha peels can actually be extracted into aromatic oils when thoroughly dried under the sun. This discovery leads them to create recipes, including the famous blue curacao, in order for the fruit not to be wasted.

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What is the Origin of Laraha

In addition, the Laraha orange comes from the Latin word, Naranj, which means orange. It is believed that it was discovered by the Spaniards during the Arab invasion. This fruit is always used as a logo on the Caribbean island. And now, it is famous for producing blue caracao, a liquor made of dried peels from Laraha. It has a combination of sweet and bitter tastes. The bitterness comes from the original flavor of the fruit while the sweetness is due to the sugar content being added. 

Why is Laraha Called Golden Orange of Curacao

The name “golden” refers to its golden color. The orange also has yellowish-green skin. The reason why it is called “golden” is because of its golden color. This fruit looks very similar to the common orange. But, the difference between these two fruits lies in their taste. As mentioned earlier, the original flavor of the orange is sweer. On the other hand, the Laraha orange is bitter than the regular orange.

Why is Blue Curacao Blue

Many have wondered why the blue curacao has a blue color when the fruit is orange. This is because the blue curacao is created through the process of adding caramelized sugar to the extract. Therefore, it gives a bitter orange flavor. When the mixture is heated up, the caramelized sugar turns dark brown, giving off its characteristic blue color.

And because of its vivid blue coloring, the blue curacao liqueur is the most common tropical drink on the island. It is also very popular among tourists who visit the island. For the locals, the more attractive the cocktails, the more it easier to sell them. Therefore, it has a blue coloring on it. 

What Does Blue Curacao Taste Like?

Blue Curacao tastes like bitter orange and a little bit citrusy. The bitter flavor comes from the Laraha peel since it is basically a Laraha-based liqueur. While the food colorant, which is blue, has nothing to do with the flavor. 

This blue cocktail contains an alcohol content of around 15-40%. Just like other alcoholic drinks, it is commonly served during parties and events. One of the most famous blue cocktails that blue curacao is mixed with is the Blue Lagoon, which is made of these ingredients:

  • Vodka
  • Blue Curaçao Liqueur
  • Lemon juice
  • Sprite
  • Lemon wedge and cherry, for garnish

Is Blue Curacao Sweet

A dry (sec) curaçao is usually a dry (sec) liqueur that isn’t nearly as sweet or sugary as a crème liqueur, such as crème de menthe or crème de cacao. The syrup also has some additional sugar that gives it a pleasant sweetness, but it isn’t cloying. It is sweet enough to counteract the bitterness of the orange peel and bring out the orange flavors and aromas.

How to Make Blue Curacao

Now, if you want to make a homemade blue curacao liqueur, we got you the easiest recipe to do. With that, you can use the drink to mix in other cocktails like Blue Hawaiian, Blue Monday, Blue Margarita, Seven Seas Martini, etc. 


  • 1-liter vodka
  • 1-liter gin
  • Zest of 12 navel oranges
  • 4 tablespoons dried bitter orange peel or Laraha peel
  • 32 cloves
  • 8 cups sugar
  • 6 cups water
  • Blue food coloring


1. In a large container, combine vodka, gin, orange zest, and dried bitter orange peel and let sit for 20 days.

2. To make a one-pound batch, add 32 cloves and set aside for one more day.

3. Strain the liquid through a coffee filter.

4. Add the sugar and water after straining. Stir until completely dissolved.

5. Sprinkle a few drops of blue food coloring at a time, until you reach the desired hue. If you want to make the cocktail to have a citrus flavor, just add lime juice. 

 What is the Difference Between Blue Curacao Liqueur, Triple Sec, and Orange Liqueur

These three liqueurs are always interchanged in cocktail recipes. Know that they have their own distinction, particularly their ingredients. The alcohol in most Curaçao and Triple Sec drinks is usually made from sugar cane alcohol, which has a strength of around 40 percent abv. While the Orange Liqueur is an orange-based liqueur that uses brandy instead of wine as a base. The flavor of your cocktail will be influenced significantly by this, so keep an eye on it.

So, what is the distinction between Curaçao Liqueur and Triple Sec? Or are they identical? In general, we’re talking about orange liqueurs here. These are a type of liqueur made with citrus orange peels as the basic component in the distillation process. Between the various brands, there are variations in types of oranges utilized, the mix of different oranges, what sort of alcohol is used, and, of course, all other components (sugar, herbs, spices, etc.). All these things come into play when you’re making an orange liqueur.

Is Blue Curacao just food coloring?

The blue color in blue curacao is food coloring but it is not entirely a coloring at all. As indicated above, it is primarily made of laraha peel, as well as gin and vodka. It is also mixed with a zest for a citrus flavor and sugar for more sweetness.

What kind of alcohol is Curacao?

It is actually a Caribbean liqueur. It is a distilled beverage made from fermented sugar cane juice and dried peel of the Laraha citrus fruit. It is then aged in oak barrels before being bottled.

What is Laraha citrus fruit?

Laraha is the name of a small tree native to the West Indies. Its fruit is similar to grapefruit. It’s also called bitter orange because its peel smells very strongly of bitterness.