How Many Tater Tots per Person

How Many Tater Tots per Person For a Crowd

How Many Tater Tots per Person for a family party?

Just how do you figure out how many bags of Tater Tots to buy and then serve?

Often they are served with french fries and chicken nuggets, or sometimes as a treat for a thanksgiving turkey dinner.

What Is a Single Serving of Tater Tots

To ensure you have enough, plan on serving 14 tater tots as a single per person serving.  This is around 4 oz per person.

It means that you need to plan ahead when cooking Tater Tots, as we have found the serving sizes on the packets are a bit low.

Homestyle Tater Tots

How Many Tater Tots per Person for A Big Group

How many Tater Tots are in one serving?

Reading some of the manufacturer’s guidelines Ore-Ida tater Tots has a suggestion of 9 per serving, but this is really low, I have seen both adults and teenagers eat  18-20 per serving! I can only attest that Ore-Ida Tater Tots are really yummy and that is why people eat lots more.

Ore-Ida Tater Tots
Ore-Ida Tater Tots

So when you are planning for a large family gathering, then you should budget on 14 per person. While I acknowledge, not everyone will eat that many, so people will eat a lot more. I would also state that I have never had leftover Tater Tots at a family party or dinner.

Kroger Tater Tots
Kroger Tater Tots

How Many Pounds of Tater Tots per Person Should I Buy?

Let’s look at some well-known Tater Tots to work out how many pounds you need to buy for a large crowd.

 I find one of the most economical places to buy Tater Tots is Costco which has an 8lb frozen bag retailing in most states for under $8. You can also look at Kroger, Sams Club and BJ’s for some good deals.

How Many Tater Tots Are in One Pound

There are 47-50 Tater Tots Per Pound.

Below is a  table of exact amouts of Tater Tots to buy and serve for between 10 to 100 people.

A Table Of How Many Tater Tots To Serve For a Crowd

I love Tater Tots because they are delicious and easy to eat. My kids like them too because when we go out for lunch, my son eats them while he plays video games and my daughter uses them as her snack.

They taste great, and I am sure there are lots of other reasons why they are loved by millions of families throughout the world.

So this means you do need to consider your guest list demographic and make your own adjustments up or down according to your local knowledge, but this Tater Tot Chart is a good starting point.

How Many Tater Tots Do You Need to Feed for 5 People

 For 5 people, budget between 70-80 Tater Tots – which is about 25 oz or 1.6 lbs

Tater Tots
Tater Tots

How Many Tater Tots Do You Need to Feed for 10 People

For 10 people budget between 150-160 Tater Tots – which is about 50 oz or 3.2 lbs

How Many Tater Tots Do You Need to Feed for 20 People

For 20 people budget for 320 Tater Tots – and buy an 8lb bag of Ore-Ida from Costco is your cheapest option. You may have a few leftover.

How Many Tater Tots Do You Need to Feed for 30 People

For 30 people serve 500 Tater Tots –  and buy around 11 lbs of Tator tots

How Many Tater Tots Do You Need to Feed for 40 People

  For 40 people serve 650 Tater Tots –  and buy around 15 lbs of Tator tots

How Many Tater Tots Do You Need to Feed for 50 People

  For 50 people serve 800 Tater Tots –  and buy around 19 lbs of Tator Tots

How Many Tater Tots Do You Need to Feed for 70 People

  For 70 people serve 1150 Tater Tots –  and buy around 27 lbs of Tator Tots 

How Many Tater Tots Do You Need to Feed for 100 People

  For 100 people serve 1600 Tater Tots –  and buy around 38 lbs of Tator Tots 

What Is the Best Way to Cook Tater Tots for A Big Group?

There are many ways to cook them for a crowd – The ways I use are –

The first way is to use a deep fryer, but if you are having a big group over then the best way is to use an oven, unless you have multiple deep fryers.

The second way is to bake them in the oven. That way you can cook several trays of Tator Tots at the same time.

If you are pushed to cater to a lot of guests, then you can actually use both methods to really cook loads of tater tots for a really big group.

How Many Tater Tots for Different Events and Occasions

  • Serving Tater Tots Buffet Style will mean you need about 15% more. People just tend to take more from a buffet-style serving platform

What Food Pairings Can You Put with Tater Tots?

Serving Ideas for Tater Tots

  • French Fries
  • Pasta Salad
  • Pizza

What Sauces and Dips Can You Serve with Tater Tots

  • Tomato Sauce
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Garlic aioli

How to Cook Tater Tots to Make Them Healthy?

Making and Cooking homemade tater tots is a healthier option rather than buying as you can choose what ingredients you use.  However being practical, that is going to be a lot of work.

Use an oven with no oil, to make the healthiest Tater Tots you can.

Are Fried Tater Tots the Same as French Fries?

Fried tater tots are fried potatoes cut into small pieces and served alongside french fries for dipping. This dish originated in the American South where it is known as “fried potato balls.”

The name “tater tot” refers to the shape of the potato ball which resembles the big round french fry.

In France, the dish is called “chips,” while in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and England it is called “potato chips.” In Germany, Austria and Switzerland it is referred to as “Kartoffelpuffer.”

While there may be slight variations in the preparation method, most recipes consist of deep frying whole potatoes in oil to create crispy golden brown orbs. Some recipes call for baking instead of frying. These baked versions are sometimes called “toasties.”

How Many Servings Is 5 Lbs of Tater Tots

It ill serve 15 to 20 people

How Many Ore-Ida Tater Tots Is a Serving

While the packaging may indicate 10 tater tots as a serving (this more based on dietary guidelines – not want people will eat at a party), in reality, you need to serve between 15 and 20 to your guests to ensure that you have enough.

How Many Pounds Is a Bag of Tater Tots

Ore-Ida has a Tater Tot 8 lb bag which is great value.