How Much Coleslaw Per Person For a Big Group

How Much Coleslaw Per Person For a Big Group

Who does not like to stack their burger with coleslaw which is creamy and tangy.  Or perhaps you want to use it as a side dish at New Years’ lunch served with ham.

Sometimes you can just call it slaw, cabbage salad or cole slaw.

Basically, there are many ways to use this traditional crowd-pleasing dish used to feed more large crowds than almost any other side except perhaps mashed potato. (see how much mashed potato for a large crowd)

Colesalw is a great side dish at a BBQ with sausages for a big group.

See our full resource page on serving sizes per person for big groups.

Coleslaw Serving Size Per Person

If you have a large group, then getting the right serving size is important so all get a good feed. See our handy table below for exact serving sizes.

What are the ways you may portion or serve coleslaw?

There are a number of ways of measuring coleslaw, cups, scoops, ounces, and pounds to name a few. Not to mention the small medium and large plastic containers that you buy coleslaw at your local supermarket or Costco.

Also to see an exact table on how many burgers per person.

How much Coleslaw is in a scoop

One of the most common serving-size scoops is a green or 2 1/2 inches or a number #12 scoop.   This scoop is rated a 2.6 fluid oz per scoop but when it comes to coleslaw it is handier to talk in scoops per cup or even tablespoons. 

  • How many scoops of Coleslaw are in a cup? – there are 3 scoops of coleslaw in a cup (#12 scoop)
  • What is the standard size Coleslaw scoop? – there are many scoops sizes but a 2, 2 1/2 or 3 inch scoop are the most common sizes for serving coleslaw to a big group or crowd of people.
  • How many tablespoons of coleslaw are in a scoop – there are 3 tablespoons of coleslaw in a scoop (#12)

How many Tablespoons of Coleslaw for 2 people? 

For 2 people you should serve 16 tablespoons of Coleslaw. This equates to one cup of coleslaw for 2 people or 1/2 cup of coleslaw per person.

So to answer this another way for 1 person use 8 tablespoons of coleslaw. 

I would add these are generous servings and if you are not a big eater, or you have children then you will use a lot less – for children, you could use 2 tablespoons of coleslaw, and in most cases that will be enough. For women using 4 tablespoons of coleslaw will also be ok.

One of the benefits of using coleslaw in catering is that it is relatively cheap but is quite filling and coleslaw will make your catering budget stretch further. Similar to rice and mashed potato. but the advantage of coleslaw vs mashed potato is that you can serve it cold. This makes it great for a picnic or tailgate party.

How do you calculate Coleslaw per person?

To calculate how much coleslaw per person multiply the number of guests by half and that is the number of cups to serve.

However, there are a few other things to take into account and that is the makeup of your guest list where you would scale up by 20 percent if it was all adults who were big eaters and scale down by 20 percent if you have kids coming. Kids on the whole do not eat much coleslaw.

Use Our Handy Table to give you the exact amount of coleslaw you need per person from 10 to 100 people.

How much cole slaw do I need?
How much cole slaw do I need?

How Much Coleslaw Per Person For 10 People

For 10 people serve 2.5 lbs of coleslaw

For 10 people you need 5 cups of coleslaw

How much coleslaw in a bag
How many pounds of Coleslaw per person should I buy for a crowd or large group?

How Much Coleslaw Per Person For 20 People

For 20 people you need 10 cups of coleslaw

For 20 people serve 5 lbs of coleslaw

Can I use coleslaw for a big family reunion
Can I use coleslaw for a big family reunion – Yes it is perfect for a big family gathering.

How Much Coleslaw Per Person For 50 People

For 50 people you need 25 cups of coleslaw

For 50 people you will need 12.5 lbs of coleslaw

Can I use coleslaw for a big family reunion - Yes it is perfect for a big family Picnic
Can I use coleslaw for a big family reunion – Yes for a big family Picnic it is great.

How Much Coleslaw Per Person For 100 People

For 100 people you will need 25 lbs of coleslaw or 5 x 5lb Costco Slaw Bags.

For 100 people you need 50 cups of coleslaw

How many ounces of Coleslaw per person?

For each person, 4 oz is a good amount to serve per person.

Does Costco sell coleslaw?

Costco sells a cabbage coleslaw which in addition to normal cabbage contains carrots and red cabbage. It is ready to eat being cleaned and trimmed and comes in a 5 lb bag. All you need to do is add your favorite Ranch dressing.

What are the common sizes of supermarket containers?

There are no standardized Deli container sizes, especially with many supermarkets moving to environmental packaging and getting rid of plastic.

However, there are still three common catering sizes used.

  • 8 oz or cup – this will serve coleslaw for 2 people.
  • 16 oz or pint – this will serve coleslaw for 4 people
  • 32 oz or quart – this will serve 8 people – enough for an 8 person dinner or lunch.

How much coleslaw dressing per bag of coleslaw mix?

Use ¾ of a cup of dressing for a 32 oz or quart container of coleslaw. So for a 5 lb bag of Costco coleslaw use 2 cups (16 oz) coleslaw dressing.

The most common dressings for coleslaw are mayonnaise (e.g ranch) or an oil and vinegar type of dressing. 

With that in mind, how much coleslaw do you need for 125 people?

For 125 people you will need 31 lbs of coleslaw. I would actually round it up to 35 pounds.
How much coleslaw will it take to feed 250 people? – 70 pounds.

How many pounds of coleslaw do you need for 30 people?

You will need 7.5 pounds or 4 quarts (32oz) coleslaw

How much coleslaw per guest do you need for your bbq?

For a family BBQ serving of 4 oz per person, it will be enough for them to have some in their burgers and some on the side.
How many bags of coleslaw do you need for 150 people? – you will need 7x 5 lb bags.

Gallons of Coleslaw

How many servings of Coleslaw does 2 gallons?

2 gallons of coleslaw will feed 32 people.

How much Coleslaw per person for Different Events and Occasions

  • Buffet Style Requires Bigger Portions – 6 oz per person
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Portion Planner – 4 oz per person
  • BBQ – 4 oz per person
  • Christmas – 4 oz per person
  • New Year- 4 oz per person
  • Picnic – 5 oz per person if it is an allday picnic
  • Tailgating – 3 oz per person

What ingredients can you put in Coleslaw?

  • Raw Cabbage (use medium head – green cabbage)
  • Celery Seeds
  • apple cider vinegar
  • white vinegar
  • sour cream
  • shredded carrots
  • celery salt
  • lemon juice
  • purple cabbage
  • balsamic vinegar
  • green beans