How Much Pectin To Use – How Much Pectin Is in a Packet of Sure-Jell

How Much Pectin Is in a Packet of Sure-Jell

Here we also tell you how much pectin to use.

So you’re craving something sweet, huh? Well, there’s nothing better than some homemade jelly. So you start preparing the fruit and all the necessary ingredients for the sweet cold dessert. 

The only problem is, you’re not using a box of Sure-Jell to thicken the mixture. You’re using a jar of pectin, so you don’t know how much you should add to it, which is a big problem.

After all, if you add too much, the jelly would be too firm. Adding too little would make the jelly too runny.

Well, in this article, we’ll show you how much pectin is in a packet of Sure-Jell, so that you can measure the ingredients of a perfect jelly.

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What’s Pectin?

Pectin is a starch that exists in vegetables and fruits. To be specific, it exists in their cell walls. Pectin works on thickening the jams and jellies it’s added to. Once you add pectin, it’ll give the jelly and the jam the appearances that we’re all familiar with. 

Pectin doesn’t only exist in fruits, though. It can be manufactured. It can even come in dry and liquid form, as products like dry Sure-Jell and liquid Certo are popular ingredients in jam recipes.

How Much Pectin Is in a Packet of Sure-Jell

How Many Ounces of pectin are in a box of Sure-Jell The first thing you should know is that a packet of Sure-Jell pectin is 1.75 oz.

How Much Pectin Is in a Packet of Sure-Jell
How Much Pectin Is in a Packet of Sure-Jell

How Many gram are in a box of Sure-Jell Pectin – That’s about 49 grams. Since half a cup is about 2.25 oz (64 grams,)  you can just use a little under half a cup of pectin in your recipe.

Here is our Pectin Conversion Chart for Sure-Jell

How many teaspoons of Pectin are in a packet of Sure-Jell?

If you want to use teaspoons, then note that one teaspoon equals about 0.18 oz or 5 grams. So 12 ¼ tsp would make the same amount of pectin in a Sure-Jell packet. 

How many tablespoons of Pectin are in a packet of Sure-Jell?

Another bulk pectin equivalent is A tablespoon equals about 3 teaspoons or 0.5 oz (12-15 grams), so adding 4 tablespoons of pectin in your mixture would be enough to make up for a packet of Sure-Jell.

How Much Pectin Do I Add to Make Jam

To make 8 cups of homemade jam use 2 tbsp of pectin powder. This will gel up your jam mix perfectly.

Or another way of putting it is to take 2 tablespoons of Sure-Jell for every 8 cups of fruit. The basic homemade jam recipe contains 8 cups of fruit with approximately 7 cups of sugar ( you adjust the sugar amount for consistency) and 1/4 of a cup of lemon juice.

How Much Pectin Do I Add to Make Homemade Jam
How Much Pectin Do I Add to Make Homemade Jam

Can I Substitute Liquid Pectin and Powdered Pectin

Yes, you can the substitution ratio is 2 tablespoons of liquid pectin is equal to 4 teaspoons of powdered pectin

How much liquid pectin is in a packet?

In one packet ( or pouch) of liquid pectin, there is 0..85 oz or approximately 2 tablespoons.

 Powdered pectin is more concentrated than liquid pectin so when substituting you will use less.

You may also be interested in using jam with waffles or making blueberry pie using pectin.

Is Pectin and Sure-Jell the same

Pectin and Sure-Jell are both pectins and almost identical.  The only difference will be each manufacturer of Pectin has its own formula so if a particular brand it’s recommended and it is available to you use that. Otherwise, they are very very similar almost the same.

Can I substitute sure-jell for pectin

Yes, you can substitute sure gel for pectin. Ball and Sure-Jell are pretty much interchangeable.   Products from other manufacturers may not be a one-to-one replacement so read the ingredients label carefully first.

Pectin Can Be Used to Make a Thick Apple Sauce
Pectin Can Be Used to Make a Thick Apple Sauce

How To Use Powdered Pectin

Pectin is usually added at the end of the cooking time. Add powdered pectin into the raw fruit at the beginning of the cooking process.

I’ve found that Sure-Jell works best for me. If you’re using applesauce, I find that the apple flavor really comes through. You’ll need to experiment with the amounts you add based on what type of apples you are using. But this apple sauce goes really well with Pork Roast.

Are There Any Alternatives for Sure-Jell?

What can you use in place of pectin – You can use cornstarch or gelatin and they’ll both thicken your jam/jelly mixture just as a packet of Sure-Jell would.

If you’re old-school, the next method might be for you. You can add a lot of sugar and leave the jam mixture to cook for a long time. That’ll thicken it enough.

We recommend leaving this method as a last resort, though. Adding a lot of sugar takes away from the nutritional value of the fruit. You’ll be mostly eating sugar-flavored jam with a hint of fruit flavor.

What Fruits and Vegetables Contain Pectin? 

You’ll see that lemons and oranges are very rich in pectin. Unfortunately, as we’ve already mentioned, pectin exists in the cell walls of the fruits, which is the skin. Most people don’t eat the skins of oranges and lemons.

So, while they are filled with pectin, they wouldn’t offer you much unless you use their skins in your food.

Apples are also packed with pectin. Since you’re probably going to eat its skin, it’d even make a more practical source for pectin.