Lemongrass Chicken Instant Pot

instant pot lemongrass chicken recipe

Lemongrass Chicken Instant Pot

Tasty and Easy

Pressure Cooker Lemongrass Chicken

This recipe is one of the Vietnamese all time favorites - and is quite famous. Your loved ones will enjoy these flavor infused lemongrass chicken thighs packed with complex Vietnamese flavors of sweet, and savory lemony taste. It also has a really nice aroma.

Surprisingly this tasty vietnamese chicken recipe is super easy
instant pot lemongrass chicken recipe
What is Lemongrass Chicken?
Lemongrass chicken is many people’s favorite dish and they will often order it in Food Courts or Vietnamese restaurants. However, it is even nicer when you make it at home with our recipe.
The Lemongrass Chicken is usually served with rice or rice noodles and in a bowl. However, we in this recipe also served it up with a salad and it was really nice. It kind of made it feel really fresh tasting and not at all heavy.
However, you serve it the lemongrass aroma really makes your mouth water before you even sit down to eat. The flavors of the lemongrass and other herbs and spices blend to deliver a deliciously complex sweet and savory dish with the added benefit of umami-lemony flavors. 

This dish really is a must-try.

Key Spices for Lemongrass Chicken

Lemongrass Chicken

Lemon grass is commonly used all through Asia - but it is most common in Southeast Asia.  Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam employ it in their cuisines. for making dishes like Tom Yum Goong, Beef Rendang, and Laksa to name but a few.


Chilli is a key ingredient an you can use only a little and it will make a huge difference to the overall taste. My message to you if you are afraid - is do not be - just use a very small amount to start with - you will soon learn just how much you need. 


Ginger is another key ingredient, just like chilli - use a little at first, but do use it because you will notice a difference. Even if you do not actually taste the ginger directly - it actually influences and enhances the overall flavour of the dish.
ingredients lemongrass chicken

Assemble All Ingredients

It really does help to get organized by getting all of your ingredients assembled. Why - because then you can focus on following the recipe rather than having to pause and go off to find another spice or something.

For ingredients that can be measured - I really like to also measure them out also so again there is one less thing to do when you actually start cooking. 

Also see at the end of this recipe a tip on how to prepare the lemongrass.

Prepare the Ginger, Garlic and Shallot

Slice and dice the garlic, shallot, ginger (shown here), and chili. For the shallot and garlic try to dice them into similar sized small cubes. 

The ginger slice it thinly - but not diced - again to a similar width as the garlic and shallot. (If you do not have a shallot and onion will do - but just halve the amount.

Also, see our video below on how to prepare the lemongrass.
ginger chopped
peeling the chilli

Peeling the Chili

I really like the depth of flavor that chili can add but I do not like it too hot. 

By scrapping the seeds and a little bit of the inside skin you can remove most of the heat - and keep the nice flavor-enhancing properties of the chili.

Marinate the Chicken

Now it is time to place all of the ingredients into the instant pot or another bowl if you prefer. 

Put everything (except the chicken) into the bowl and give them a good mix so that everything is dissolved and evenly spread. Then put in the chicken and get your hands into the mix so the lovely marinade gets all around and into the chicken. 

Then leave it for at least 30 mins - If you have time to do it the night before - leave in the fridge overnight (covered) and you will get the maximum benefit of the marinade flavor in the chicken. Leave the Chicken skin side down when you have it standing.
lemongrass chicken marinade
lemongrass chicken marinade

Everything Ready 

Now everything is back in the instant pot and ready to go. 

Lets pressure cook our lemongrass chicken. First, you will see we have turned up the chicken so now the skin is showing. 

Put on the lid and set for 8 minutes and after the beep - we then want to wait 10 mins on natural release of the pressure. Release any pressure and open the lid. The dish is now fully cooked and now it is time to do final seasoning of the lemongrass chicken. 

Do a small taste of the "gravy" and season with salt, pepper or even a little more brown sugar if it is too salty. 

If you would like to thicken - mix about 15g of cornstarch well into about 20 ml of water. Take out the chicken and set the instant pot to sauté. When it is boiling stir in the cornstarch mix and the sauce will thicken up nicely.
How to Prepare Lemongrass
How to Prepare Lemongrass

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