Quick Carne Asada Recipe

The Insider’s Guide To An Uncomplicated Carne Asada Marinade

Here is what this rapid “fire” carne asada recipe has as its spirit – a fusion of fiery, smoky, and umami tastes

  • Sear on the exterior of the meat – Umami BABY
  • Succulent and soft within (rest meat before cutting)
  • Only requires seven readily available (fresh is best) components (consider using chipotle powder, fresh cilantro, or pineapple juice for a twist)
  • Quick and straightforward preparation (with a self-sufficient marinade process)
  • Ideal for a variety of Latin American dishes

  and you will see it both fast to make, easy to cook, and tastes amazing!!

Use this recipe to fast-track your dinner with this 30-minute carne asada recipe, which is helpful if you have a crowd of people to serve.

Carne Asada Made Easy: A Journey of Taste and Texture
Carne Asada Made Easy: A Journey of Taste and Texture

Diving Into The Carne Asada Marinade Recipe Ingredients:

This recipe for this carne asada marinade is quick to prepare, using fresh and straightforward ingredients:

Oils: Use oils like olive or avocado oil as alternatives.

Lime Juice – The tartness of lime not only enhances the taste but also softens the tough muscle tissues.

This makes the meat more succulent.

Jalapeno – Chop them into tiny pieces. You can retain the seeds in the marinade for a spicier kick or discard them for a less intense outcome. 

Garlic – I use fresh, finely diced garlic, but two teaspoons of preserved minced garlic can be used as a replacement.

Fresh Cilantro – To me, it gives a vibrant and refreshing taste. However, some folks find it too strong, and I would recommend Italian Parsley as an alternative for this marinade. 

Spices – Easy with cumin and black pepper. But do not be afraid to try your own favorite spices.

Sea Salt I prefer to use an organic variety.


Pro Tips and Tricks

Not every carne asada recipe is crafted equally.

Limit the marination to a maximum of 12 hours. I advise a duration between 2-12 hours, but exceeding this could result in overly soft meat.

Allow your steak to reach room temperature prior to cooking. Take your steak from the fridge for roughly 30 minutes before cooking.

Cook on medium-high heat. A surge of heat allows the carne asada to cook swiftly, leading to a desirable outer crust (absolutely!) and preventing overcooking on the inside (definitely not!).

Employ a meat thermometer. A probe thermometer is my preferred choice as it doesn’t require constant monitoring and alerts when the steak is done.

Allow for resting time. Don’t neglect to let the steak rest post-cooking! This is crucial as it allows the juices to reabsorb into the meat, ensuring a juicy outcome.

Cut against the grain. For a more tender result, slice the carne asada contrary to the muscle fiber direction. This assists in breaking down the muscle fibers, making each morsel more tender.


Why you will love this fast carne asada recipe for marinade and cooking

A few seasonings combined with fresh oranges and lime (even karfir lime)  juice create a simple marinade with no complex components.

The steak requires a mere 20-minute soak to absorb a wealth of taste.

This recipe excels when cooked on a grill or stovetop, with either flank or skirt steak yielding optimal outcomes.

Chop it into pieces and assemble delightful tacos, salads, fajitas, or rice bowls.