How to Tell When Hard-Boiled Eggs Are Done

How to Tell When Hard-Boiled Eggs Are Done

How do you know if hard boiled eggs are done?  This is the hardest skill of boiling an egg is to know when it is cooked. It is fine you you have been doing it for years - you will know your egg is hard boiled from experience.

But help I am new to hard boiling eggs, how do I tell and eggs doneness?

There are several ways to make sure your hard-boiled egg comes out perfect. I'll show you how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg with different methods and tips.

What are the best ways on how to know if the boiled eggs are done

For 2021 we give you a step by step guide to teach you how to know if a hard boiled egg is ready.

  • Egg Spin Method To Check for Egg Doneness
  • Egg Shake Method To Check for Egg Doneness
  • Egg Light Method To Check for Egg Doneness
  • Egg Thermometer Method To Check for Egg Doneness
  • Egg Drop Method To Check for Egg Doneness
  • Egg Crack Method To Check for Egg Doneness

How to Tell When Hard-Boiled Eggs Are Done?

Read on for top six ways to know when a hard-boiled egg is perfectly cooked to your level of doneness.

If you have leftover eggs how do you reheat a peelled hard boiled egg?

Spin the Egg Doneness Test

Place the egg on a flat or level surface. Give it a good spin. Hard boiled eggs will spin well. However, if there is a wobble noticed as the egg starts its spin this is caused by there still being some liquid inside which prevents a good spin.

Put the egg back and boil for another 1 minute and repeat.

Shake the Egg Done Test

This is a good test to see if the boiled eggs are ready.

Start by doing a gentle shake of one of the to gently shake the eggs. Between your fingertips hold the egg, move it around in a circle - if the egg feels like it is solid it is ready. But if you feel a little liquidity - then put it back for another minute.

You can test or practice against an egg you know is raw to get the feel for it.

Egg To the Light Cooked Test

The thin shell of the egg should allow some light to pass through it. If it's still uncooked, the yolk will be visible. When a boiled egg has solid white and center light will be unable to pass through and you can see the difference between a raw egg and a hardboiled egg.

IF you need more help try a flashlight and shine it from the opposite the egg. The egg is now between you and the light source. Now it will be a little easier to see if your egg is cooked. IF you can see any yellow your egg is still not fully cooked. If you can not your hardboiled egg is ready.

Egg Doneness Test with a Thermometer

You can also use a quick read thermometer to test for doneness.

Carefully remove the egg in a spoon - discard the water - rest the egg on say a paper towel. Hold the infrared thermometer about 2-3 inches distance from the egg and if it reads above 160F the egg should be done. This is my least favorite method for testing is an egg hard boiled.

Egg Bubble Test Method

If the egg is uncooked it will release small bubbles when placed into warm water

When the eggs goes under the water tiny bubbles are released from the egg.

If the egg is completely cooked there will be no bubbles.

Egg Bubble Test Method
Egg Bubble Test Method

Crack the Shell To Test The Egg

This is kind of a final way - while you will know if the egg is hard boiled of not. But if the egg is not ready you have kind of wasted it.

Or. maybe you need to cook an extra egg if you are going to use this egg test.

  • Take out one egg from the boiling pot.
  • Quickly run it under cold water faucet.
  • Use a knife to crack the shell and cut the egg in half
  • Look at the yolk to see if it is how you like it.
  • If it is take out the rest of the eggs if you put them all in at a similar time
  • If it is nearly ready give them another 30-60 seconds

How to Make Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs have lots of uses in recipes and are healthy food.

See how to make hard boiled eggs perfectly in an instant pot.

How to tell if an egg is boiled without breaking it?

The best way to tell if an egg is boiled without breaking it is by the spin test - on a flat surface give it a good spin - if it is hard boiled it will spin well and you will know it is ready.

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