How To Know When Hard-Boiled Eggs Are Done

Mastering The Art Of Testing – How To Tell If An Egg Is Boiled 

6 Methods Tested And Rated

Cracking the code to tell an egg is boiled can be tricky if you do not have experience or a proven method to test the egg.

 Imagine peeling your egg to reveal a

 gooey mess inside

The Art of Boiling Eggs: Secrets to Flawless Results Every Try
The Art of Boiling Eggs: Secrets to Flawless Results Every Try

What Is The Best Way To Check If An Egg Is Hard Boiled

A simple rule of thumb is the “The Spin Test” The spin test is favored because it’s quick and doesn’t risk damaging the egg. It gives you an immediate answer based on the physics of a solid versus liquid interior. See below for how to do the egg spin test.

We cover the six most common ways to see your hard-boiled egg doneness. 

Let’s embark on this egg-ceptional adventure together! 

How to Tell When Hard Boiled Eggs Are Done?

We look at six standard tests on how to know when a boiled egg is done and rate each one.

1. Spin The Egg  To Check If Hard Boiled Eggs Are Done

Set the egg on a flat surface and gently spin it with your hand.

A perfectly hard-boiled egg will spin smoothly. 

If it wobbles, it is the liquid inside, MEANING THE EGG IS NOT DONE.

To correct an undercooked egg, boil it for an additional minute and test it again.

This spinning test is straightforward and highly effective, and in my experience, outshines the other methods listed below.

2. Shake the Egg To See If It Is Firm In The Middle

This is also a simple test but use gloves as the egg will be hot to hold in a hand.

Hold the boiled egg between your fingertips – use gloves or cool the egg first.

 Move it around in a circle –and tune your senses to see if the egg feels like it is solid. 

This method takes practice, and after time you develop a feel for this test.

In summary, this test does work, but it requires more practice than the egg-spinning test above.

3. Egg To the Light Cooked Test

With a bright light, it can penetrate, or shine through the thin eggshell.

If it’s uncooked, the yolk will be visible. 

When a “done boiled egg”  has solid white light will be unable to pass through.

This is how you can see the difference between a raw egg and a hardboiled egg.

I tried this test with a flashlight and was not able to get it to work on either a cooked or raw hard-boiled egg.

These Eggs Are Too Runny
These Eggs Are Too Runny

4. Egg Doneness – Test with a Thermometer

The best thermometer for this test quick read one.

Start by carefully removing the egg using a spoon.  

Rest the egg on a paper towel. 

Hold the infrared thermometer about 2-3 inches distance from the egg, and if it reads above 160 F, the egg should be done. 

What I do not like about this method is that it requires the egg to be rested out of the boiling a  little, and this is a huge variable. 

Some people may rest it for 10 seconds, others for 30 seconds and there is quite a difference in temperature result. 

5. Use Egg Bubbles To Test If The Egg Is Hard Boiled

This test is simple – if the egg is uncooked it will release small bubbles when placed into warm water. 

When the eggs go under the water, tiny bubbles are released from the egg.

If the egg is completely cooked, there will be no bubbles.

I tried this method, and it does work, but the bubbles are very small, plus you must look really closely.

 So to be practical the egg bubble test vs the egg spin test – the egg spin test is the winner in my book.

Crack the Shell To Test If The Egg Is Hard Boiled

I would not recommend this test, because if the egg is not ready you will have wasted a perfectly good egg.

Also, see in our video – where we cut an egg that has been boiled for 8 minutes – it has a tiny bit of liquid, but not the runny yellow yolk.

How To Tell If An Egg Is Boiled Without Breaking It?

The best way to tell if an egg is boiled without breaking it is by the spin test. On a flat surface give it a good spin – if it is hard-boiled it will spin well indicating it is hard in the center and ready.

See how to make hard-boiled eggs perfectly in an instant pot.

What Is The Best Way To Take Eggs Out Of Boiling Water?

The best way to take eggs safely out of boiling water is to use a slotted spoon and then put the eggs into a bowl of ice water. The water runs out of the slots leaving the eggs to be placed in a bowl or cloth for cooling.

How To Tell If An Egg Is Boiled Without Breaking It?

“How to Know if Your Egg is Cooked Without Opening It?

The fun way to see if your egg is cooked is to spin it like a top! If it spins fast and smooth, it’s ready to eat!”

What To Do When Eggs Are Done Boiling?

What to Do After Boiling Eggs?

Once your eggs are done boiling, put them in a bowl of cold water with ice. This keeps them yummy and not too soft inside!

How To Tell If A Hardboiled Egg Is Cooked Enough

Spin Test:

  • Put the egg on a flat table or counter.
  • Spin it like a top.
  • If it spins fast and doesn’t wobble, it’s cooked. If it wobbles, it might still be a bit runny inside.

Can You Over Boil An Egg

Yes, you can over-boil an egg. If eggs are boiled for too long, a few things can happen:

1. Green Ring: The yolk will likely have a greenish ring around it. This is because of a reaction between the yolk and the white. It’s safe to eat, but it might look a little odd and can have a slightly different taste.

2. Rubbery White: The egg white can become tough and rubbery instead of soft and tender.

3. Dry Yolk: The yolk can become dry and crumbly instead of moist and creamy.

4. Strong Smell: Over-boiled eggs can sometimes have a stronger sulfur smell.

To avoid overboiling, it’s best to boil eggs for about 9-12 minutes for hard-boiled and then put them in cold water to stop the cooking process.

Why Do Eggs Crack When Hard Boiled

Eggs can crack during boiling for several reasons:

The most common reason is Temperature Shock: If you place cold eggs directly from the fridge into hot boiling water, the sudden temperature change can cause the eggshell to crack.

Other reasons are

  • Weak Spots in the Shell:
  • Air Pocket Expansion
  • Boiling Too Vigorously:
  • Older Eggs: 

How To Stop Eggs Cracking When Making Hard-Boiled Eggs:

Start with room-temperature eggs or place them in warm water before boiling.

Add a pinch of salt or a splash of vinegar to the boiling water, which can help prevent cracking.

Boil the water gently, not too vigorously.

Use a spoon or hand to gently lower the eggs into the water rather than dropping them in.

How Long Do I Boil Eggs For Deviled Eggs

How long does it take to boil deviled eggs – I find 10 minutes is perfect for deviled eggs.

How Many Deviled Eggs Do I Serve Per Person For A Crowd?

First, put the eggs in a pot and cover them with tap water by 1 inch. Bring to a rolling boil. Cook the eggs between 9 – 12 minutes, depending on how done you want them to be.

If you have leftover eggs how do you reheat a peeled hard-boiled egg?