The best cheese for a turkey sandwich

When it comes to making a great turkey sandwich, there are many different types of cheese that would work well. However, if you want to make sure that you get the best-tasting turkey sandwich, then you need to use the right type of cheese. Which is the best cheese for a turkey sandwich in 2024.

The type of cheese can make the sandwich. It isn’t just any turkey sandwich with cheese on it, but one which has a specially selected cheese to make the turkey sandwich take on a new level of taste and flavor.

Swiss cheese in my opinion is best used one a turkey melt sandwich.

Serving for a party or big crowd – how much cold meat do you need to buy?

Which cheese is best for a Turkey Sandwich

What kind of cheese goes on a turkey sandwich – we list the top 8 cheese below and how each one flavors the turkey sandwich. Read on to see what cheese goes with turkey really well.

What cheese goes with a turkey sandwich

Which cheese slice is best for a turkey sandwich is a question that gets asked a lot around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and family reunions.

Here is a list of the top 8 kinds of cheese that you should try using for your next turkey sandwich.

Cheddar – Great for Kids lunches when served with turkey

Cheddar cheese is a great cheese to use in a smoked turkey sandwich. I love the dry and crumbly texture it gives to the moist turkey in the sandwich. Add the rich tangy taste with a hint of a nutty flavor goes some well with smoked turkey.

Brie – Smooth Turkey Sandwich Cheese

Brie is a soft cheese that is pale in color. This cheese works really well in a Turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes.  The runny texture with a fruity flavor (not unlike Camembert) also adds a bit of tang to the overall taste. Because it is soft you can spread the cheese over the turkey on a baguette making a really good turkey brie sandwich to take on a picnic. Wrapped well this type of sandwich does not get soggy.

Does Swiss Cheese Go with Turkey
Does Swiss Cheese Go with a Turkey Sandwich – Yes it is one of the top cheeses.

Swiss – Classic Cheese for a easy Turkey Sandwich

 Thanksgiving Turkey Picnic Sandwiches for a big crowd or party will love it if you serve Swiss cheese. The taste is mild, slightly sweet with a hint of nuts. It is also super smooth. Kids love swiss cheese turkey sandwiches.

Gruyere – This is a strong Flavor for a turkey melt.

Is quite firm cheese, that has been ripened for some months, and the older it is the more earthy the flavor. So a Gruyere turkey sandwich will taste strong and need some salt and pepper to bring out the try taste. I love to add bean sprouts also to this combination

Gouda – Sophisticated Turkey Sandwich is maade from this cheese.

The cheese is a tad sweeter than your standard cheddar. It also will melt quite easily if it is a younger gouda. For a Turkey sandwich, the best gouda is an aged gouda – which has caramel or butterscotch taste and quite firm texture. This means and you bite into your gouda turkey sandwich you get a nice firm cheese and all the aftertaste it gives to the whole mouthful.

Provolone – Classic Turkey Sandwich Cheese

Provolone is another good cheese for turkey served on bread and adds a rich and salty taste that has a zing or slightly sharp taste but is not overly strong.

Monterey Jack – Kids Love Turkey with this cheese

If you are making a turkey melt sandwich then Monterey Jack with its mild taste and buttery flavor is a great choice.

Pepper Jack Makes a Tasty Turkey Sandwich

Pepper Jack is super melty and will liven up plain turkey with a peppery spice flavor. A good quality Wisconsin pepper jack will have fresh peppers instead of dry. This really imparts the fruit flavor of the peppers into your leftover turkey melt or sandwich.

Turkey sandwiches for a crowd made with any of the above cheese will go well. The cheese gives an extra dimension to the turkey melt. Plus, it’s easy on your wallet as you have already paid for the turkey.

What to serve with turkey sandwiches

Here are some of the best condiment for turkey and swiss sandwich

  • cranberry mustard
  • cream cheese
  • butter
  • cranberry sauce
  • mayonnaise
  • bacon
  • goat cheese
  • pesto
  • tomato slices
  • ham
  • lettuce
  • egg

What side goes with a turkey sandwich

Turkey sandwiches are a classic American food. But did you know that they can also go well with other foods? Side dishes like garden salad or potato salad go very well. This is a very easy tailgate party menu as well. Curried egg also helps with the flavor.

So to summarise turkey and cheese is a great combination for a sandwich or a flatbread or sourdough bread treat.

These cheese will also work well for a grilled turkey and cheese sub.

See what the flavor of Brie is