Which Oven Rack to Bake a Cake

Which Oven Rack To Place A Cake On

Do you know that placing your baking sheet in a proper oven rack positions matter a lot in baking? Different recipes need to have different positioning, too. Notice that some recipes will instruct you to “bake in the center of the oven” or “set rack in the topmost of the oven”.

So here we answer Which Oven Rack to Bake a Cake?

Also, ovens are different and some may have different hot spots that can affect the texture and taste of the food.

Professional bakers keep a safe position for everyone: keep the oven rack adjusted to the middle rack, which works better for all kinds of dishes.

Also, if you have leftover cake, how do you store cake in the fridge?

But if you are baking a thicker cake, it is suggested that you use the lowest rack position in the oven to have even results and keep the temperature lower and bake a little longer – but ultimately you will need to experiment with your baking rack and the convection oven you have.

So, whether you are planning to bake a cake, cookies, bundt cake, cake strips, bread, meat, or sheet-pan dinners, you have to know the necessary placement to have the best heat source and best results.  You will also need a cooling rack and a good cake pan – but that is another article.

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Which Oven Rack Should I Use?

Baking cake, like a chocolate cake, can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s hard to know which steps are important and which steps are not in a recipe.

Where do you put your mini cupcake in the oven when you are making them got 50 people – what if you were baking a batch – how do you arrange your cake layer in the oven?

A Cake Recipe typically does not even mention what rack to use.

When was the last time you read “Place your tray in the center.  Or  put it in the upper third of the oven and preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. ” 

But one thing about baking is it is far more precise than cooking main dishes, using the oven thermometer when making a layer cake is really important.

Let’s begin with ovens.

Different parts of the oven hot-box have different levels of heat. There are two heating sources in the oven, one at the bottom of the oven and the other at the top. When we turn the oven on to preheat, both the heating elements will start to heat the oven. However, to maintain the temperature of the oven, the bottom heat source is usually the predominant heating element.

The top of the oven is hotter than the bottom, due to the hot air rising. This is similar to when using an oven for roasting.

The bottom oven shelf can be used to bake pizzas and crusty bread because you can get intense heat being close to the bottom element that is on.

You can put things like pies and casseroles on the top oven rack and the extra heat there will cook the top. e.g a crusty top on a pie.

Air is circulating in the middle of the oven rack, the heat sources are evenly spread, and the tops and bottoms are not in danger of burning. It’s the best place to bake cakes, cookies, and brownies.

Oven Racks
Oven Racks – Middle Is Best For Chocolate Cake

How Important is Oven Rack Position?

Proper oven rack positioning will help you achieve better results. They should be equally separated to have enough room for internal temperature and safety.

Below are the guidelines that have for you to follow depending on which dish you are going to put into the oven. 

When roasting multiple chickens for a crowd rack position is very important.

Top Rack Position

The topmost rack position is best for browning as well as for broilers. This is because the heat from the bottom of the oven will eventually spread throughout the entire oven and stays at the top position once it is done preheating and turned off. In other words, the top most position is hotter than the rest.

If you want to have a crispy outcome like garlic bread, gratins, pieces of bread with melted cheese, casseroles, and two baking sheets of cookies (place the other one in the middle), then put them at the top rack position. For a more even result, turn the broiler on during the last few minutes of baking or extend more extra minutes of the baking time if you have a crowded baking tray. 

Cooking In The Middle Rack
Cooking In The Middle Rack

Middle Rack Position (Default Position)

The middle rack position is the best option and ideal position for you if your recipe does not indicate which oven rack positions you should follow. This is because the middle rack usually bakes and cooks the food more evenly if, and only if, you are baking one rack at a time since the air circulates evenly around the rack. Especially if you have a forced fan oven.

Place your baking tray on the middle wire rack if you are going to cook or bake banana bread, sponge cake, thin cakes, brownies, fish, single tray cookies, and sheet-pan dinners. 

Bottom Thirds Position

Dividing the racks into thirds is better to make sure that all the racks are equally separated to achieve a consistent flow of internal oven temperature. In doing this, you have to place the lowest rack not too close to the oven bottom where the element is.

Furthermore, to ensure an even result, especially if you are cooking in large batches, swap and rotate the trays halfway through the cooking. 

Bottom or Lowest Rack Position

The lowest rack position is the closest to the heat source, hence it is prone to burning. If you are going to cook pizza, fat bread, roasted vegetables, and roasted meat, this rack position would be a great option.

When cooking in this position, it only needs a little time of exposure to an intense heat source. Do not forget to immediately remove your pizza from the lowest rack and transfer it to the top rack before serving. This step will maintain your pizza’s freshness before serving. 

For roasted vegetables, it is better to have a preheated baking sheet in the lowest wire rack to help you get the perfect crisp and color. 

Which Rack Position to Use in Different Oven Type?

Ovens come in different features and functions. But most ovens found in restaurants and homes are convection ovens, conventional ovens, microwave ovens, and oven toaster oven or OTG ovens. But the conventional and convection ovens are the most popular in baking. These ovens have different uses and different rack layers. It is essential that you have to be knowledgeable of these ovens, especially if you love baking cakes. Do so will mean you do not waste your cake batter with a failure.

Also, some pans like a bundt pan can be thicker and will hold the heat longer, so when it is safe to do so – moving your layer cake to a wire rack sooner will let it cool nicely and not overcook.

Convection Oven
Convection Oven

Convection Oven

A Convection oven is a fan-assisted oven that works by circulating the hot air. Unlike traditional ovens, this one cooks faster and spreads or distributes the oven temperature evenly at a lower temperature. And because it circulates the air well, this is best when you want to bake sunken cake, cookies, and pastries. 

In convection ovens, the placement of the rack matters to help you get the best result. If you have two baking sheets, you will not need to rotate the pans from the top rack to the bottom rack anymore. But if you are going to bake using a single cake pan only, it is better if you place it on the middle rack position.

Conventional Ovens

A Conventional oven works by spreading and distributing the warm air or heat but will oscillate the heat around pre-heating temperature. Hence, it does not have consistent heat, unlike the convection ovens. The highest part of the conventional oven gets the hottest that is why it is better to place your baking pan on the bottom thirds position if you are baking with more than one pan. Otherwise, you place it in the center position, especially if you are baking a single thin sheet cake. If you are halfway through the baking time, rotate the pan(s) from the front to the back. 

It is also helpful if your oven door is see-thru, as you can watch your favorite pound cake cook.

In addition, if you are baking an angel food cake, position the racks in the upper and bottom thirds of the oven. Then, rotate the baking pans from upper to lower and back to front if you are halfway through the baking time.

While they used to be popular we are not going to cover a gas oven as they are just not that common now.

What rack in the oven do you bake a cake on?

Thick cakes that have four inches or more are best to be placed on the bottom rack. For the reason that they will be cooked evenly and not be burned. If you place them elsewhere, they will have the tendency to be soupy and uncooked on the inside. 

While thinner cakes that are three inches or less should be placed on the middle rack. Doing this will avoid the cake from burning and becoming brown. The middle rack position for thinner cakes will give a softer and fluffier texture. 

What rack should you put the muffins on in the oven?

When baking muffins, put them on the middle rack in a preheated oven. If you are baking more pans of muffins, place the first pan on the first rack and the other one on the bottom rack to give enough room for the heat to circulate. Then, allow the oven to maintain an internal temperature between 375°F and 425°F.

Which Oven Rack to Bake a Cake
Which Oven Rack to Bake a Cake

Should Bread be baked in the middle of the oven?

As mentioned in a more detailed explanation above, loaves of bread and pizza are best when placed at the bottom rack position. It produces a crispy texture on the outside and a softer texture on the inside.