What to Serve with Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala is partly wine, partly chicken, and wholly flavorful. This semi-sweet Italian-American dish features Marsala wine and escalope chicken cutlets together with added mushroom. It has been made famous by some of America’s best Italian restaurants, see our copycat Chicken Marsala Recipe

The boneless chicken meat must be pounded and then fortified with a good bottle of dry marsala wine served to perfection with creamy mushroom sauce. In choosing between the dry and sweet  Marsala, it is best to use the dry one for cooking. Sweet Marsala is best for desserts. 

The hardest part is picking the best side to this main, it should not overpower the centerpiece.


  • Rice
  • Creamy Risotto
  • Homestyle Pasta
  • Noodles
  • Polenta
  • Potatoes


Rice is a nice classic companion. Enjoying Chicken Marsala with fellows will not take too much effort. This simple gourmet version doesn’t have to be always plain. Brown and red rice can be a healthier choice, its chewy and nutty texture will complement the aroma of the marsala meat. If you opt to savor it with a citrusy taste, Jasmine Rice with lemon burst can be exciting. For a fragrant base, Garlic Butter Rice is a versatile carb perfect for tender chicken. There’s more to this go-to side dish, any of which will enhance the taste of the menu.


Compared to ready-to-cook pasta bought from stores, handmade pasta tends to have better texture and firmness. Do you want it plain or flavored? Anything with pasta is a winner. As an Italian dish itself, it can be drizzled with parmesan, tomatoes, olive oil, or even with pieces of Chicken Marsala. The juicy sauce from the Chicken Marsala and Mushroom can be a perfect topping to maintain the al dente and moist pasta. There’s more to add to this pasta recipe. It can be garnished with fresh oregano, basil, thyme, broccoli (or even broccoli salad), or parsley to fully appreciate the wine dressing.  


Imagine a food with butter, corn and cheese merged with wine, chicken, and mushrooms? Polenta can be enjoyed either as hot porridge or a baked loaf.

Any of these will surely be a delicious partner with the Creamy Style Chicken Marsala.

Roast or stew, the cornmeal mush polenta is a side dish to any kind of sauce and meat. It can be done in a hurry with an instant pot. Settle the bowl of polenta in the stew with olive oil as an inner liner.

When cooked, finish it with rough-cut cubes of Chicken Marsala and parmesan for a smooth texture.       


Do you want to add extra dampness and variety to the main dish?

Get ready for your feast with just this 6 mins platter. Noodles are known as serving vessels for their compatibility with almost all the other cuisines. Wheat flour, eggs, and a good marsala will light up your table.

A softer and buttery version of pasta is also capable of an exciting taste enhancer of Chicken Marsala.

Egg noodles in a creamy wine and mushroom sauce will appease your hunger and also serve nutrients.

Eggs being a staple source of nutrition and ingredients will cater to you with the best portion.    Add in some crispy leftover bacon you have saved.


Another Italian dish, Risotto is more like a rice mac and cheese. With the added amount of liquid at a time, its moisture is necessary if you want your Chicken Marsala creamier.

Cooking the rice and broth is longer than the main dish itself, but its consistency will make the meat tastier and worth the wait. The stock can be from fish, chicken, or fresh vegetables, depending on your appetite’s insight. Simmer and stir it in a pot until it achieves a nice smooth and creamy texture. Risotto’s thickness is not bland nor too powerful to compete with the Chicken Marsala’s sauce.


Meat and potatoes are an all-time favorite mother’s food.

It can be a cheesy mashed potato or a boiled and deep-fried snack.

Considered comfort food to the majority, this really tastes good with anything paired with it.

Get fond of the classic baked potatoes, made fluffy inside and crispy outside. The Chicken Marsala wine and heavy cream will totally whip the roasted fries. It may also be flavored with garlic, bacon, or cheese as garnishes. Engage kids by matching cubes of chicken with the different shapes of cut potatoes.   


Made from rice noodles coated in an almond butter dressing, this whole gluten-free pasta will complete your dinner in 15 minutes.

Mix it with vegetables of your choice for a healthier serving. Traditionally, carrots, cabbage, spinach, and sesame seeds blend well with almond noodles. The sauce enriches its flavor as the preparation goes. The combination of the tender silken meat and slightly sweet seasoning spice up the entire dish.

This is an ideal side dish if you want less calorie intake but still enjoy reliable food. Chicken Marsala and Almond Noodles skillfully layered a refined season of fresh ingredients.  


So many people love Japanese food because of its unique taste and presentation. They have been making soba noodles since ancient times. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour which gives them a nutty flavor.  While they are usually served differently – I recently tried them with a chicken marsala and it was surprisingly good.


Sweet potato is a lovely side dish to have with the marsala because they are slightly firmer in texture so give body. Furthermore, they also pair well with naan bread.