The Best Easy Sides for Wings

Quick Sides for wings for 2022

What Are Some Easy Sides that Pair with Wings

Chicken wings are delicious, tasty, and popular. They make a great addition to any dinner party because they’re easy to prepare and serve. You can cook them ahead of time and then just heat them up when needed.

Some of the other reasons chicken wings many great treats for kids and family parties.

-You can use chicken wings as a side dish or even add them to salads.

-They’re versatile enough to pair well with many different foods.

-If you’re looking for a healthier option, try making a salad with chicken wings instead.

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Here Are the Quick and Easy Sides that Go Well with Chicken Wings

SuperCrispy Oven Fries

These fries will take you back to childhood, but they’re so good you won’t want to share them with anyone else. They’re crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and loaded with flavor.

Classic Potato Salad

This classic potato salad is a crowd-pleaser, but if you want to add some extra flavor, try adding bacon bits, diced ham, or crumbled-cooked sausage. See our recipe for potato salad. Also if you are serving a large group then see our handy table of how much potato salad to serve per person.

Hot Mac and Cheese Pairs with Spicy Chicken Wings

This mac and cheese has a kick from the jalapeño peppers, but it’s not too spicy. It’s perfect for those who don’t like too much spice ad the cheese tones down the jalapenos.

Chicken Nuggets Pair With Chicken Wings when you are serving kids

Sometimes kids do not like to eat chicken wings, so serving a few chicken nuggets with them. The secret ingredient is tomato sauce.

Homemade Cobb Salad Pairs Perfectly with Easy Chicken Wings

This salad is perfect for parties because it’s easy to eat and transport. It’s also delicious and filling, so you won’t feel like you’ve had overeaten.

Baked Avocado Fries

These fries will take you back to childhood, but they’re so good you won’t want to share them with anyone else. They’re crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, and just plain delicious.


Cornbread has a nice crunchy crust and a soft interior. It’s perfect for dipping into a bowl of chili or serving alongside a big plate of fried chicken wings.

Homemade Coleslaw

Homemade coleslaw has all the flavor of regular slaw without any of the junk. It’s easy to make, too. Just mix together mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, mustard powder, celery seed, onion powder, garlic powder, and dill weed. Add shredded cabbage and toss well. Serve immediately. See our handy table for how much coleslaw to serve per person.

Coleslaw is also a good side dish when serving fish.

Onion Rings Pair Well With Chicken Wings
Onion Rings Pair Well With Chicken Wings

Onion Rings

These onion rings are so delicious they will leave you begging for more. They’re crispy outside and tender inside, and the secret ingredient is a touch of garlic powder.

Pasta Salad

This pasta salad is packed with veggies and will keep you satisfied all day long. It’s perfect for lunch boxes and picnics.

Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of those dishes that I think everyone should know how to make. It’s so versatile and easy to throw together. Plus, it’s delicious. See our special recipe for homemade Indonesian fried rice.

Easy Street Corn

I love buying corn in a cup in Asia, and you know what it pairs perfectly with chicken wings. The corn is cooked in butter, then tossed with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayenne, and chili powder. It’s served hot and topped with cheese.

Baked Potato Skins

Baked potato skins are so easy to whip up, they’re perfect for any occasion. They’re super versatile too – you could serve them as appetizers, snacks, or even dessert. The key is using a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. (see the difference between  Butchers Paper and Parchment Paper )

Loaded Potato Skins - an Easy Side For Chicken Wings
Loaded Potato Skins – an Easy Side For Chicken Wings


The pickle has long been a staple of American cuisine. Furthermore, there are many different types of pickles available today. Pickled beets, pickled cucumbers, pickled carrots, pickled onions, pickled okra, pickled watermelon rind, pickled eggs, pickled radishes, Most of these will add a tang to you chicken wings.

Soft Pretzels

This style of pretzel is soft enough to eat without a knife and they taste like a cross between a breadstick and a roll. They’re perfect for dipping into sauces and eating with chicken wings, but I love them just plain too.


A store-bought or homemade coleslaw gives both texture and flavor to a dish of chicken wings. Plus, it‘s healthy, low-calorie, and full of nutrients.

Couscous and Cranberry Salad

Couscous absorbs the flavors of the chicken wings well and provides a great yet gentle texture. See how much couscous you need per person.

Green Beans

If you’re looking for a quick way to get some veggies into your plates of chicken wings, try green beans. They’re simple to prepare and can be used in a variety of ways. You can sautee them, steam them, boil them, or roast them.

Spicy Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

If you’ve ever had honey mustard sauce, you know how good it is. I love honey mustard sauce on chicken wings.

Garden Salad

A Garden Salad pairs well with chicken wings and does not overpower the taste of the chicken wings. A garden salad can include lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery, red onion, green onions, garlic, and basil. The dressing is made from olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

Mashed Potato

Maed Potatoes are one of the quickest and easy sides for wings, plus they are very versatile. They can be used in so many different ways, but I love mixing the mashed potatoes into the chicken wing sauce or juices.

What are the best low carb sides for wings?

The quickest, easiest and tastiest low carb side for chicken wings is Green Beans that have been roasted in olive oil with garlic and then topped with cheese.

Green Beans Are The Best Low Card Side Dish
Green Beans Are The Best Low Card Side Dish

You can also try these other low card dishes that pair well with chicken wings

  • Creamed Spinach
  • Baked Zucchini
  • Mushrooms and Butter
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Crispy Fried Onions

What Are the Best Sides for Buffalo Chicken Wings

The best sides that go with buffalo chicken wings are :

Corn on The Cob Goes Well with Buffalo Wings

Sweet Corn on the Cob is one of my favorite things to put on top of chicken wings. Sweet corn is simply boiled until tender, then seasoned with salt and pepper.

Also try Garlic Bread, Baked Potato Skins, Coleslaw, Mashed Potatoes, and Spicy Honey Mustard Dips. 

What Is the Best Rice to Go with Chicken Wings

The best rice that pairs with chicken wings is :Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is an aromatic long grain rice native to India. It is often referred to as “the king of all rice” because it has a nutty aroma and a delicate fragrance.

Top Healthy Sides for Wings

  • Roasted or Boiled Green Beans
  • Grilled Asparagus
  • Grilled Tomatoes

What Is the Best Sides to Serve with Korean Wings

Korean food has a lot of different sides to choose from. These include kimchi, gochujang, rice cakes, fried tofu, and many more.

There are so many options that it’s hard to decide what to eat with your wings. But there are a few things that are good choices.

  • Kimchi is one of the most popular sides for Korean food and will pair with wings. It’s spicy and tangy, and goes well with any type of meat or seafood including korean chicken wings.
  • Gochujang is another popular side dish for Korean Chicken Wings
  • Rice cakes are also very popular. They’re crispy and chewy, and go great with any kind of meat or fish.
  • Fried tofu is another option. It’s usually served cold and tastes great with anything.